Digital Proofing with ProofHQ

Digital Proofing

Clarizen in collaboration with ProofHQ brings forth the ultimate solution for simplifying and organizing the review and approval process of digital proofing for text, image, and even audio & video files in the context of your Clarizen projects and tasks.

Create and manage new proofs for any uploaded file in Clarizen and, any stakeholder, whether a Clarizen user or not, will be able to contribute to the review and approval process.

Access the proof file directly from within Clarizen's file viewer or from the email via the ProofHQ external viewer.

The proofing process is even accessible via Clarizen’s workflow rules and validation rules, meaning that you will be able to control, create and manage proofs, manage reviewers and approvers, and use the proofing decisions to continue the work process automatically. See Custom Actions and Business Rules for more on how.

To learn more about the licensing terms & options for digital proofing in Clarizen, please visit our Apps Marketplace and pricing page.

Proof File types and capacity can be found here .

Installing ProofHQ add-on

Clarizen enables you to install one of two Digital Proofing license types:

  • Enterprise account
  • Unlimited Edition

A 60 day Full trial Account is available for download from the Apps Marketplace . For more information regarding pricing and licensing option please see Clarizen's License purchasing page you can also compare the account editions in ProofHQ edition comparison .


Some features may be available directly from ProofHQ only.

The installation process includes:

If you already have a ProofHQ account, please see Integrating Existing ProofHQ Licenses .

Installing Trial Account

To install Digital Proofing please go to Clarizen's Apps Marketplace :


You can skip the trial installation and purchase licenses by going directly to the license purchasing page

  1. Read and Approve the Terms of Use
  2. Click Install
  3. Follow the installation process
  4. The digital proofing module is now installed on your network.

    If Proofing is already installed in your organization you will see the following message:
  5. Complete the Setup process below

Purchasing a ProofHQ license

At any time you can purchase a ProofHQ license, choose between Enterprise or Unlimited accounts, and select the number of user licenses you require.

For more information regarding the various editions please see ProofHQ edition comparison .


You only need a proof license for users who are assigned to create proofs, please see the User Roles page for more information.

To Purchase licenses:

  1. From the Navigation Panel , select People
  2. Click the Admin tab
  3. Click
    The Purchase Order Page opens
  4. Under Options , click Add...
  5. Select Digital Proofing
  6. Select the License Edition and the number of licenses
  7. Complete the PO and click
  8. Complete the Setup process below

    At  any time you can view the number of available licenses. GoTo Settings-->Configure and select Usage Quotas, scroll down to view Digital Proofing

Enabling Proofing and Setup

  1. Login to Clarizen as an Admin
  2. Go to System Settings
  3. Open the Files and Collaboration section.
  4. Ensure that the Enable Digital Proofing option is enabled.

    The Enable Digital Proofing option is normally enabled automatically by the system as part of the installation process.

    Disabling the Digital Proofing will stop all active proof processes!

  5. Select the Enable Digital Proofing external collaboration option to generate a Digital Proof email that allows both Clarizen users and external collaborators to access the file for proofing. 
  6. From the Navigation Panel select People.
  7. Select the Admin tab
  8. Select the users you wish to grant proof management privileges
  9. Click

    At  any time you can view the number of available licenses. GoTo Settings-->Configure and select Usage Quotas, scroll down to view Digital Proofing

  10. An email detailing the result of the license assignment is sent to the admin. The email contains a complete report on both successful and unsuccessful license assignment.
    Users with proofing licenses can now begin creating Proofs.
  11. To revoke proofing licenses from selected users, select the relevant user(s) and click

Integrating Existing ProofHQ Licenses

Organizations with ProofHQ licenses can integrate their ProofHQ account with Clarizen.

First you will need to enable digital proofing in Clarizen, this can only be done by an Admin user.

Then each user with ProofHQ credentials is required to associate their ProofHQ account with their Clarizen account.

Finally an Admin user can download and install an optional application from the Apps Marketplace which turns off the proofing process automatically when a file is approved.

For additional file storage in Clarizen when working with an external ProofHQ account please contact your customer success manager.

Enable Digital Proofing

Clarizen Admin must enable digital proofing for the organization:
  1. Login to Clarizen as an Admin.
  2. Go to System Settings.
  3. Open the Files and Collaboration Section.

  4. Select the Enable Digital Proofing option.

    Note: Disabling Digital Proofing will stop all active proof processes!

  5. Click

To Integrate your ProofHQ account:

Each Clarizen user who has a ProofHQ account must integrate his user account separately.


The email used in Clarizen must match the email used in ProofHQ

In ProofHQ:
  1. Login to your ProofHQ account
  2. Open The Personal settings page from the Head Banner
  3. Click the Integration tab
  4. Under API, click Show to view the API Token
In Clarizen
  1. Login to your Clarizen account
  2. On the masthead , click to open the User Data menu .
    The User Data menu drops down.
  3. Click My Profile .

    You can also click your name directly from Clarizen Home .

    Your Clarizen profile opens in the Item Detail view.
  4. Click on the Properties Card
    The My Profile Properties Card expands fully.
  5. Click the Integration Settings 'edit...' link.
    The Integration Settings dialog opens.
  6. Click
  7. Enter the token shown in Step 4 above.
  8. Click



Digital Proofing File Types

Upload File Size

You can upload files of up to 1.3gb depending on your Storage Capacity limitations.

Storage Capacity

In addition to the normal storage capacity available for Clarizen users, installing the Digital Proofing add-in will increase the storage capacity as follows:

During the trial period (60 days) an additional 2.5gb per user (up to 20 users)

With a purchased ProofHQ Enterprise account an additional 2.5gb per proof user

With a purchased ProofHQ Unlimited account an additional 10gb per proof user


Organizations who already have ProofHQ licenses directly should contact their customer success managers for additional storage capacity.

File Types

You can digitally proof any of the following file types (even if you do not have the associated application or software installed in your computer)

Static Files:
  • ABC - LEAD Advanced Bitonal Compression
  • ABIC - Adaptive Bi-level Image Compression
  • AFP - Advanced Function Presentation
  • AI - Adobe Illustrator Artwork
  • ANI - Windows Animated Cursor
  • ANZ - Mayo Clinic Analyze Format
  • ARW - Sony Raw Format
  • AWD - Microsoft Fax
  • BMP - Windows and OS/2 Bitmap Formats
  • CAL - CALS Raster
  • CGM - Computer Graphics Meta file
  • CIN - Kodak Cineon
  • CLP - Windows Clipboard
  • CMP - LEAD Compressed
  • CMW - LEAD Wavelet Compressed
  • CMX - Corel Presentation Exchange
  • CR2 - Canon Raw
  • CRW - Canon Raw
  • CUT - Dr. Halo
  • DCR - Kodak Digital Camera
  • DCS - Kodak Digital Camera System
  • DCX - Paint Brush
  • DGN - Intergraph Design
  • DNG - Adobe Digital Negative
  • DOC - Microsoft Word Document
  • DOCX - Microsoft Word Document 2007
  • DRW - DRaWing
  • DWF - AutoDesk Vector
  • DWG - AutoDesk Drawing
  • DXF - Drawing Interchange
  • ECW - Enhanced Compressed Wavelet
  • EMF - Windows Metafile
  • EXIF - Exif Formats
  • FAX - LaserView Laser Data
  • FIT - Flexible Image Transport System (FITS)
  • FLC - Flic Animation
  • FPX - Kodak FlashPix
  • GBR - Gerber GIF - CompuServe
  • GIF - Graphics Interchange Format
  • GIF HDP - Windows HD Photo
  • ICO - Windows Icon
  • IFF - Interchange File Format
  • IMG - GEM Image
  • IOCA - Image Object Content Architecture
  • ITG - Intergraph
  • J2K - JPEG 2000
  • JB2 - JBIG2
  • JBG - JBIG
  • JP2 - JPEG 2000 Compressed
  • JPEG-LS - JPEG Lossless
  • JPEG-XR - Windows Media Photo / HD Photo (HDP)
  • JPG - Joint Photographic Experts Group (JPEG)
  • JPM - JPEG 2000 Part 6
  • JPX - JPEG 2000 Part 2
  • KDC - Kodak Digital Camera
  • MAC - MacPaint
  • MIF - MapInfo Interchange
  • MNG - Multiple Network Graphic
  • MO:DCA - Mixed Object: Document Content Architecture
  • MRC - LEAD Mixed Raster Content
  • MRC - T.44 Mixed Raster Content
  • MSP - Microsoft Paint
  • NAP - North American Presentation Layer Protocol Syntax (NAPLPS)
  • NEF - Nikon Electronic Format
  • NITF - National Imagery Transmission Format
  • NRW - Nikon Raw Format
  • ORF - Olympus Raw Format
  • PBM - Portable Bitmap Utilities
  • PCD - Kodak Photo CD
  • PCL - Printer Command Language
  • PCL6 - Printer Command Language
  • PCT - Macintosh Pict
  • PCX - Paint Brush
  • PDF - Adobe Portable Document
  • PGM - Portable Bitmap Utilities
  • PLT - HPGL Plotter
  • PNG - Portable Network Graphics
  • PNM - Portable Bitmap Utilities
  • PPM - Portable Bitmap Utilities
  • PPT - PowerPoint Presentation
  • PPTX - PowerPoint Presentation 2007 PS - PostScript File
  • PSD - Photoshop
  • PSP - Paint Shop Pro
  • RAF - Fujifilm Raw Format
  • RAS - SUN Raster
  • RAW - Raw Data
  • RTF - Rich Text
  • RW2 - Panasonic Raw Format
  • SCT - Scitex Continuous Tone
  • SFF - Structured Fax Format
  • SGI - Silicon Graphics Image
  • SHP - ESRI Shape
  • SMP - Xionics
  • SNP - Microsoft Access Report Snapshot
  • SR2 - Sony Raw Format
  • SRF - Sony Raw Format
  • SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics
  • TDB - Microsoft Windows Thumbnail Cache
  • TFX - Internet Fax
  • TGA - Truevision TARGA
  • TIFF - Tagged Image File
  • TIFX - Xerox Internet Fax File
  • VFF - Sun TAAC Bitmap
  • WBMP - Wireless Bitmap
  • WFX - WinFax
  • WMF - Windows Meta file
  • WMZ - Compressed Windows Meta file
  • WPG - Vector WordPerfect Graphic
  • XBM - XBitMap
  • XLS - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet
  • XLSX - Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet 2007
  • XPM - XPicMap
  • XPS - XML Paper Specification
  • XWD - X WindowDump
Animated and interactive SWF
  • MPEG-1
  • MPEG-2
  • H.263
  • H.264
  • All MPEG-4 implementations (Xvid, 3vix, etc.)
  • AVI
  • Flash (VP6, Sorenson Spark/H.263+, H.264)
  • MOV
  • MP4
  • MPG
  • VOB (unencrypted only)
  • Windows Media/VC-1
  • 3GP/3G2
  • Ogg Theora
  • DV
  • raw YUV/RGB
  • MKV
  • Input audio codecs (part of video):
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • AAC-HE
  • Windows Media
  • PCM
  • WAV
  • AIFF
  • AMR
  • Ogg Vorbis
Note: FLA files should be compiled to SWF before uploading
  • MP3
  • WAV
  • AIF

Creating and Managing Proofs

If the Digital Proofing add-on is installed you can begin managing your proof process.

You can create a proof process on any existing file in Clarizen, or upload a new file for review.
Once the process commences you can manage the users assigned for review and/or approval, upload versions of the file being proofed, and more.

To Create a Proof on an Existing File

  1. From within Clarizen access any of the proof files associated with a project, task, etc. and open the file viewer.

    The file must be saved within Clarizen as opposed to in Box or Google drive

  2. On the Action bar click
    You can also start the proof process from the context menu.
    The Create Proof Window opens
  3. Click Add reviewer .
    A new line appears.
  4. Type the email of an external reviewer or the name of the Clarizen user or group you wish to add. Alternatively click to open the Select Groups And Users Window

    Select users and/or groups to the review and click

    Use the Search & Filter fields to quickly locate the User/Group you wish to add

  5. For each user added, define the User's role .
    Open the Role menu and choose between, Reviewer , Approver , or Reviewer & Approver . See Proofing User Roles for more information regarding each role.
  6. Define the level of email alerts sent to the reviewer.
    Open the Email alerts menu and choose between, All activity, Replies to my comments, Daily summary, Hourly summary, Decisions, Final decisions, or Disabled.
  7. Define a deadline for the review process.
    Either type a date or select a date from the calendar.
  8. Selecting the Only one decision required option indicates that if one approver has approved the proof the proofing session will close, otherwise, all approvers must approve the proof for it to close.
  9. Ensure that the Sync decisions to the file's discussion feed option is selected to include the decisions relating to the proof process in Clarizen's social module.
  10. Click
    An email is sent to all reviewers and the file viewer changes to the Proofing view

    See Review and Approve Proofs for more on the review process.

Upload a New File for Proofing

You can Upload a new file and mark it for proofing directly.

  1. Follow the instructions in section Adding Files
  2. In the Add New File window, select the Create a Proof option
  3. Follow Steps 3 through 6 above to add reviewers, assign their roles and define their email activity.
  4. Set the deadline date, see Step 7 above
  5. Define the approval behavior for multiple approvers
  6. Ensure that the proof is synched with the discussion feed to follow the proof process
  7. Click to save and initiate the Proof.
    Click To save the file and restart the procedure in order to upload an additional file.

Managing Proofs

During the proofing process the proof owner can:

  • Edit the proof — On the Action bar click , the Proof Details window opens.
    You can now Add or Remove reviewers, change their role or email notification settings, change the deadline or review options.
    Click to save your changes.
  • Upload Version Upload a revised version of the proof.
    On the Action bar click , the New Version window opens.

    Click to open the Browse window, select the new file version and click Open
    Make changes to the proof details if necessary, and click to save your changes.

    If you added reviewers to the new version they will be able to review only the new version of the file

    Once a new version is created, reviewers can compare the various available versions as part of their review.

  • Stop Proofing On the Action bar click to force stop the proofing process.
    The proof will stop automatically once the proof has been approved.
    Once closed, a PDF file containing the proof history is attached to the the related discussion feed.
    • To automatically stop proofs, the "close proof app" (workflow rule) must be enabled. Organizations with an External ProofHQ license can download the "close proof" app from the Apps Marketplace .
    • Admin Users can also force stop a proof.

Review and Approve Proofs

When a proof is created, an email is sent to all of the reviewers & approvers , and the file viewer changes to the Proofing view.

The proof view consists of several panes:

File Information Pane

The Information pane includes the various file properties as well as the Action bar:

  1. File Name ​​ — Displays the file name, click to edit the name
  2. Properties Search — Locate additional file properties
  3. Action Bar
    • Click the file name to edit
    • Click Download to download the file
    • Click New Version to upload a new version of the file. This can only be done by the proof owner . see Creating and Managing Proofs for more details
    • Click Delete to delete the file from Clarizen. A file being proofed cannot be deleted.
    • Click Stop Proofing to complete the proofing process, disconnect the file from ProofHQ and add a proof summary to the Discussion Feed
    • Click Edit Proof to edit the proof parameters. This can only be done by the proof owner . see Creating and Managing Proofs for more details.
    • Click the Following button to follow / un-follow the thread
    • Click Custom Actions to view a list of available custom actions associated with the file.
    • Choose to Like/Dislike and view who likes the page using the like buttons
  4. File Details — Displays various information regarding the file
  5. To View the following fields, click More info

To determine the properties shown, see chapter 15.4 Layout Settings Overview , the following fields associated with proofing have been added:

  • Under Proofing ​​ — Displays a checkbox when the file viewed is marked for proofing
  • Proof Owner ​​ — Displays the Proof owner
  • Proof Last Updated On ​​ — Displays the date on which the proof was last updated with comments and decisions or when the proof was last edited
  • Proof Decision ​​ — Displays the decision made on the proof

Proof Overview

The Proof Overview pane gives you a one glance view of the proof status.

  1. Total Reviewers — Displays the total number of reviewers assigned to the proof
  2. Decision — Displays the current status of the proof
  3. Progress bar — Displays the overall progress status using color coded letter icons.

    The overall progress is based on the "weakest" reviewer, for example a proof was created with three (3) reviewers with review and approve roles.
    All three reviewers opened the proof, two of the reviewers had made comments and only one of the reviewers had made a decision . The Icons displayed will show the S and O icons in Green since all three have opened the file, however the overall progress bar will not show the C and D icons in green since there is still one person who hadn't placed his comments and Decision was pended by two reviewers.

    You can view the status for each reviewer in the detailed review pane .

    • S = Sent — The proof was created and sent out to the assigned reviewers
    • O = Opened — The proof file was opened either from within Clarizen or from ProofHQ's Proof Viewer
    • C = Comments made — One (or more) reviewers had made comments on the proof
    • D = Decision made — One (or more)  approvers had made a decision regarding the proof
    The following colors are used to indicate that:
    • White = not complete
    • Orange = deadline is less than 24 hours from now
    • Red = passed deadline
    • Green = complete
  4. Version — Displays the proof's version number
  5. Deadline — Displays the date defined as the proof deadline
  6. Detailed Review Pane — Displays a detailed view of all reviewers, which includes the following information:
    • Name — Displays the names or emails (in case of external reviewer ) of all assigned reviewers
    • Progress — Displays the progress indicator Icons for the individual reviewer

      See the progress bar above for all icons and color codes

      If a reviewer is not assigned a certain role the associated icon will not be shown in his individual status bar as demonstrated in the image above .

    • Role — Displays the role assigned to the reviewer
    • Decision — Displays the decision made by the individual reviewer (if assigned an approver role)
    • Email Notification — Displays the reviewers email notification setting for the individual reviewer.

Proofing a File

External users can only proof the file from ProofHQ's Proof Viewer accessed by clicking in the email sent regarding the review.

The Proof View includes a preview of the file being proofed (1), the available proofing activities (2) for the file, an indication of who is currently viewing the file(3), commenting and version comparison options(4), Page options for files with multiple pages(5), viewing options (zoom, pan, etc.)(6) and the settings bar(7). For more on the various proofing options and capabilities please see ProofHQ help files and videos here

Add A Comment

  1. Click to open the commenting options.
  2. Use the various tools to mark a place holder in the view
  3. Type your comments in the  comment text box
  4. Click to save your comment

For more on the various commenting tools, version comparison, comment list, etc. please reference ProofHQ Help

Make a Decision

To finish the review and make a decision regarding the proof:

  1. Click
  2. Select one of the available decisions
  3. Click to submit your decision

Discussion Feed

The discussion feed panel displays the news feed regarding the proof thread, it includes any messages added by users regarding the thread as well as automated messages received from the proofing process, such as comments added, decision made and more.


Proofing User Roles

Clarizen allows several proofing user roles, providing different people with a different level of permission in order to be able to create, review, and approve digital proofs.

Licensed User

ProofHQ licensed users are Clarizen users who have either an internal digital proofing license or an external ProofHQ license associated with their Clarizen user account.


A user with a proofing license cannot change his email

A licensed user can:

  • Create a proof
  • Perform all Owner tasks (if he is the owner of the proof)
  • Perform all assigned review and approve tasks


You must be a Licensed User in order to be able to create and manage proofs as an owner.

A proof owner is the user who initiated the proof process on a specific file.

A proof owner can:

  • Create a proof
  • Edit a proof
  • Add comments
  • Edit his own comments (if not replied)
  • Make a decision
  • Submit a new versions

When a user is an owner of an active proof you cannot delete or disable him, nor can you revoke his Digital Proof license.

Each licensed user has an additional relation pane called "proofs that I am the owner of" where you can see the users' active proofs.


A person assigned as a reviewer can:

  • View a proof
  • A dd markups
  • Add comments
  • Edit his own comments (if not replied)

A reviewer cannot:

  • Make a decision
  • Edit or delete other reviewer's comments
  • Edit a proof
  • Upload a new version

A reviewer role can be assigned to any Clarizen User or Group as well as to an External Reviewer.


A person assigned as an approver can:

  • View a proof
  • M ake a decision

An Approver cannot:

  • Add markups
  • A dd comments
  • Edit or delete other reviewer's comments
  • Edit a proof
  • Upload a new version

An Approver role can be assigned to any Clarizen User or Group as well as to an External Reviewer.

Reviewer & Approver

A person assigned as a reviewer & approver can:

  • View a proof
  • Add markups
  • Add comments
  • Edit his own comments (if not replied)
  • Make a decision

A reviewer & approver cannot:

  • Edit or delete other reviewer's comments
  • Edit a proof
  • Upload a new version

A Reviewer & Approver role can be assigned to any Clarizen User or Group as well as to an External Reviewer.

External Reviewer

An External Reviewer is a person who is not a Clarizen user nor does he have a proofing license.

An external reviewer is assigned by adding his email address to the reviewer list. An email with a unique link will be sent in order for the user to access the proof.

When sending an invite typo an external reviewer, the email address used will be added as an email user within Clarizen

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