Adding WalkMe to Clarizen

Using the customized WalkMe™ in Clarizen enables your team members to simplify the online experience and eliminate user confusion.

By using the customized WalkMe™ you guides Clarizen users in every step to successfully complete their online tasks specifically designed to your organization.

This page describes how to use this feature and includes the following sections:

Getting Started

To start using the Customized WalkMe™ feature, you first need to open an account in www.walkme.com .

Note: The WalkMe editor works only on a Mozilla Firefox browser

The WalkMe free plan includes the following features:

  • 3 walkthroughs
  • Up to 5 steps per walkthrough
  • 300 assists (or runs) per month

​You always have the option to upgrade your plan.

Figure 1: Walkme Panel after successful installation in Firefox browser

Record the Walkthroughs

1. Make sure you are on the Walk-Thru list screen. If not, click the App Center and go to Walk-Thrus .

Figure 2: The WalkMe pane

2. Click the Add New button , give your Walk-Thru a name and Click ontinue ​ (see Figure 3 ).

Figure 3: The New Walk-Thru Name

3. Click the Plus Icon to add a new step.

4. After choosing the location, a popup window apears where you can write the step title and an optional description.

5. Choose the trigger (marked in red) and then click 'Save' (see Figure 4 ).

Figure 4: Add title, descriton and trigger

6. The "Steps List" displays all existing steps. Repeat steps 3-5 by clicking the button as needed (see Figure 5 ).

Figure 5: Steps List

7. When all the steps are in place, click the button. 

8. A confirmation message appears (see Figure 7 )

Figure 7: Confirmation Message


Now that all your walkthroughs are ready, you need to set some parameters, to do just that follow these steps:

9. Click the 'Gear' icon at the buttom, the settings pane is opened (see Figure 8 ).

Figure 8: Settings


10. Click  'Advanced Settings' and Copy and paste the following code example , into the 'Custom Field 1:' dialog box (see Figure 9 )

Figure 9: Advanced Settings


This is the code example:


The possible parameter values are:

  • To set the walthrough as a group header
    • Name = GroupTitle
    • Values = true/false
    • Default = false
    • Example = "GroupTitle=true;"
  • To define the visibility of the walkthrough (according to the "Training Role" defined in the user properties card – see screenshot below)
    • Name = TRU
    • Values = a comma concatenated string with the relevant training roles
    • Default = empty, which means that it will not be visible to anyone
    • Example = "TRU=User,ExternalUser,Admin,AdminAdvanced,TimeExpense,FinancialUser,FinancialAdmin,SocialUser,SocialAdmin,TeamMember;
  • If you want to add a 16*16 custom icon to the entry in the menu
    • Name = IconClass
    • Value = a valide HTTPS URL to a 16*16 image
    • Default = default Gray icon
    • Example = "IconClass=https://www.clarizen.com/SecureAppImages/test_wm.png;"



11. To publish the walkthroughs follow the steps below (see Figure 12 ):

  1. Click the 'Publish' link at the buttom
  2. Select the Publish TAB
  3. Select the Walk-Thru(s)
  4. Select the Enviroment
  5. Click 'Publish to < Enviroment name >'

Figure 12: Publish

12. Confirm the publish action (see Figure 13 )

Figure 13: Confirmation message

13. Click the 'Snippet' TAB ​ to dipsplay the Code Snipped (see Figure 14 )

Figure 14: Code Snipped

14. Copy the highlited WalkME ID shown in figure 14, you will need to paste it in Clarizen.

Clarizen Settings

15. Now that you have the Code ready, you should paste it in Clarizen. To do so follow these steps:

  1. Login to Clarizen
  2. N avigate to Settings Module
  3. Select the 'System Settings' link from the top of the screen
  4. Open section 7 'Organizations, Users, Licenses'
  5. Copy and Paste the WalkMe ID into the input box of the setting  ' WalkMe Customer ID ' (see Figure 16 )
  6. Set the WalkMe tutorial Order according to your needs using the system setting ' WalkMe Tutorial Order' (e.g. Customer first or Clarizen first, see Figure 16 )
  7. Save
  8. The Newlly created Walk-Thru is shown in the 'Show Me' menu option.

Figure 15: Clarizen System Settings Step1

Figure 16: Clarizen System Settings Step2


The following examples shows the 'Custom Filed 1' code you should set in the advanced settings .

Note: The order of the walkthroughs determine the order in which they appear in Clarizen (see Figure 17 )

Example 1: To set a walkthrough as a group title (cannot actually run the walkthrough and it should not have steps)


Example 2: For a custom icon


The following screenshot shows the above examples in Clarizen:

Figure 18: Clarizen 'Show Me'

1= The group title

2= The 'New Project' walkthrough

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