Using Your Custom WalkMe in Clarizen

Clarizen lets you incorporate your own instance of Walkme, accessed via a Show Me menu in Clarizen.

You can use your instance of Walkme or Clarizen's instance of Walkme (accessed via the Help button).

Note: Currently WalkMe Walk-Thrus are supported. Smart Walk-Thrus are not supported.

Enabling WalkMe in Clarizen

To enable your WalkMe in Clarizen:

  1. Go to Settings > System Settings, and expand Organization Settings.

  2. In 2.6 Walkme customer ID, enter your unique Walkme ID, which you can copy from the WalkMe editor:

  3. In 2.7 Clarizen Help and Custom Walkme options, select which Help options to display:
    • Clarizen only
    • Customer only
    • None

Advanced Settings

The following settings in the WalkMe editor define how your Walk-Thrus will appear in the Show Me menu.

In the WalkMe editor, open the WalkThru settings > Advanced Settings and copy and paste the following code example, into the Custom Field 1 dialog box:


The possible parameter values are:

  • To set the walthrough as a group header
    • Name = GroupTitle
    • Values = true/false
    • Default = false
    • Example = "GroupTitle=true;"
  • To define the visibility of the walkthrough (according to the "Training Role" defined in the user properties card – see screenshot below)
    • Name = TRU
    • Values = a comma concatenated string with the relevant training roles
    • Default = empty, which means that it will not be visible to anyone
    • Example = "TRU=User,ExternalUser,Admin,AdminAdvanced,TimeExpense,FinancialUser,FinancialAdmin,SocialUser,SocialAdmin,TeamMember;
  • If you want to add a 16*16 custom icon to the entry in the menu
    • Name = IconClass
    • Value = a valide HTTPS URL to a 16*16 image
    • Default = default Gray icon
    • Example = "IconClass=https://www.clarizen.com/SecureAppImages/test_wm.png;"



Example 1: To set a walkthrough as a group title (cannot actually run the walkthrough and it should not have steps)


Example 2: For a custom icon


The following screenshot shows the above examples in Clarizen:

1= The group title

2= The 'New Project' walkthrough

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