20.1 Managing Job Titles

Managing Job Titles

The Job Titles tab enables Clarizen administrators to create classifications for specific jobs preformed in the company.


Users with Financial or Super user permissions are also allowed to create new Job Titles. Users with Financial permissions can set rates for Job Titles.

This page describes the way you manage job titles and includes the following sections:

Adding a new Job Title

Click the "Add Job Title" option in the toolbar.

Enter the required information in the corresponding fields.

If you have financial permissions you will be allowed to define rates of the job title

Adding Members to a Job Title

To add new members to a job title click on the "Add Members" option on the toolbar.

You will then be able to browse and filter through resources within the organization.

To select multiple members to assign to a job title, simply hold down the CTRL button on the keyboard and select the relevant resources with the mouse.

Once you are done click OK.

Note: Resources that have previously been assigned job titles will not be assigned a new job title. To assign these users a new job title, access their profile card in the Users Tab

Deleting a Job Title

Click the Delete icon in the toolbar of the Job Title grid to delete the specific job title.

If the selected Job Title is currently assigned to a user or a project, you will receive corresponding message and the Job Title won’t be deleted, but Disabled.

If the selected Job Title is not in use, in other words is not assigned to any user or project, you will be asked to confirm operation.

Upon confirmation, the Job Title will be deleted.

Enable Job Title

To enable a Job Title that has been disabled by the Delete operation, click on the Enable link in the toolbar.

Update Job Title Properties

Use the Edit button in the toolbar or select Properties via the right – click context menu to update properties of the selected Job Title.

Modify the required information in the corresponding fields of the opened “Edit Job Title” window.

If you have Financial permissions, you will be allowed to modify also rates of the job title.

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