Clarizen Chrome Extension

Clarizen Chrome Extension

This page describes the Clarizen Chrome Extension and includes the following sections:


About Clarizen Chrome Extension

The Clarizen Chrome Extension is a powerful tool that enables you to create tasks and/or cases such as risks or
enhancement requests from your Google Chrome browser directly into your Clarizen account.


Main Tool Capabilities:

  • Creates tasks or case item types
  • Captures screen shots of the current Google Chrome web page
  • 'Drag and drop' or 'browse to' files to attach


More Details

Clicking exposes further definable fields, such as the Parent item field and a description field.

The current web page's URL is automatically entered into the description field.


Adding Files

You can add attachment files by taking screenshots, 'dragging and dropping' files directly into to the Chrome Extension dialog, or
by browsing your computer.


Advanced Search Capabilities

Search a user according to Job Title , Direct Manager or by their first and last names.

Parent work items can be located according to item type, role and state .


Creating a New Task/Case via Chrome Extension

  1. Open your Google Chrome browser and navigate to the desired page.
  2. Click located adjacent to the URL field (on the right-hand side).

    Figure 1: Clarizen ID Login
  3. Login to Clarizen with your login credentials.
    The Task properties dialog opens (upon completion of a successful authentication process).
    Chrome Extension performs a screen capture of the page you are viewing.

    Figure 2: Chrome Extension
  4. Click to redefine the new task (DEFAULT) as a case item type.
  5. Edit/enter the text to appear in the Title field.

    Figure 3: Title Edited
    The Resource and Parent fields show the following default values:
    • 'Your' name​ (the task's creator)
  6. Define the task / case :
    • Enter specific keywords to filter and search for items (see Chrome Extension Advanced Keywords below).
    • Assign another user or add additional resources by entering the user name(s) into the Resource
      auto-complete field.
    • Click the Due Date field to redefine the due date.​

    • Wheel the mouse to scroll the screen for additional screenshots.

      Clicking a scrollbar closes the Chrome Extension pop-up window. To scroll, use the mouse's wheel.

    • Add files by either 'dragging and dropping' files directly into the dialog panel or by clicking the
      Browse link to browse to files.
    • Edit the description in the Description field.
  7. Click

    The 'Add' button is labeled according to the relevant item type.  It will show Add Task , Add Issue , Add Risk ,
    Add Request or Add Bug respectively.

    The new task/case is created, complete with attachments. ​


Chrome Extension Advanced Keywords

Entering a keyword from the below tables followed by a colon either to the Resource or Parent text fields locates the relative item types .


Enter to the Resource field :


A list drops down containing the available resources ordered in alphabetical order by first name beginning with the letter 'a' followed by last name.


The following tables list keywords that can be used


Resource Keywords

Keyword Entry Filters Type
Job Job Title
Mgr Direct Manager
First First Name
Last Last Name


Parent Keywords

Filter By Key Word Entry Filter Type
Item Type T Tasks
  M Milestones
  P Projects
  All All work items
Role Any User has any role in the specific item
  Mging Manager - or - Project Manager
  Mgr Manager
  Rsc User is an item resource
  Rvr User is an item reviewer
  MgrRsc User is item manager - or - item resource
  All All work items (no role  filter)
State All All states
  A (or Activel) Item state is 'Active'
  Ca (or Canceled) Item state is 'Canceled'
  D (or Draft) Item state is 'Draft'
  C (or Completed) Item state is 'Completed'
  H (or OnHold) Item state is 'On Hold'


Installing Clarizen Chrome Extension

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