Filter by Tab in Reports

To allow in-depth analysis of business data within the same report, in reports with multiple tabs, in addition to the common top-level filters, you can apply custom filtering at the tab level. Tab-level filtering can be used with or without the top level filters. When both filters (top-level and tab-level) are set, the combination of filters is being used.

To enable tab-level filtering, turn on the Enable tab filters toggle. Once enabled, you can add filtering for each report tab. If you turn the toggle off, tab-level filtering is disabled for all tabs. The toggle does not affect the top-level filters that are set for all tabs.

You can enable filtering in one of two ways:

  • Click the Filters button in the report.

  • Click the Filters button in the Report Editor.


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    EA LOC


    How can I enable this feature? I don't see the option in the filters pop up.


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    Natasha Ormiston


    This feature is not available yet. The release date has changed to December 20th. Thank you for your patience.
    I suggest Following the following page to keep track of any changes in the release schedule or list of features:

    Kind regards and Happy Holidays!


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