Filter by Tab in Reports

To allow in-depth analysis of business data within the same report, in reports with multiple tabs, in addition to the common top-level filters, you can apply custom filtering at the tab level. Tab-level filtering can be used with or without the top level filters. When both filters (top-level and tab-level) are set, the combination of filters is being used.

To enable tab-level filtering, turn on the Enable tab filters toggle. Once enabled, you can add filtering for each report tab. If you turn the toggle off, tab-level filtering is disabled for all tabs. The toggle does not affect the top-level filters that are set for all tabs.

You can enable filtering in one of two ways:

  • Click the Filters button in the report.

  • Click the Filters button in the Report Editor.


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    Antonio Moya


    How can I enable this feature? I don't see the option in the filters pop up.


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    Natasha Ormiston


    This feature is not available yet. The release date has changed to December 20th. Thank you for your patience.
    I suggest Following the following page to keep track of any changes in the release schedule or list of features:

    Kind regards and Happy Holidays!


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    Wilfredo Maldonado

    This is a GREAT first step, because I was wondering how I can filter the results for each pivot tab, but the problem is that you only implemented the AND option. How about OR? Maybe a FUNCTION?

    For example:
    Filter current pivot tab to show subset where COLUMN D OR COLUMN E are BLANK.

    You can do this in the initial FILTER for the entire data set, but some of us now want to prepare a subset of results for EACH TAB based on the HIGHLIGHTS that we prepare. VERY COOL feature.

    This makes reports supporting dashboards VERY POWERFUL, plus you can provide an output based on that pivot tab's subset, so you do not have to apply "filters" separately on a larger Excel file...

    Remember that this is just an example of a Pivot Tab that can display a subset otherwise we have to build separate reports which takes away from pivot tabs.

    Edited by Wilfredo Maldonado