Multiple Managers for Projects and Work Items

In Clarizen, you can add one or more Manager to a project or a work item.


When more than one team is involved in completion of a project or a work item, the ability to assign multiple managers to the same work item provides Clarizen customers flexibility to manage their work in a much more efficient, transparent and intuitive way. It increases visibility into the project or work item progress for key stakeholders (such as, Program Managers, Product Managers, Direct Managers, etc.) who can view what work has been done, track progress, reassign resources, and identify potential risks.

For more information on the managers role, instructions on how to enable the functionally, and assign the role to users, refer to Multiple Managers for Projects and Work Items.

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    Karen Verheyden

    A project can have multiple managers. But it is also possible to add people in the permissions field of a project?
    Is the result the same or is there a difference?

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    I am a business worker