Editable Reports Results


To improve user experience and provide a quick way to make updates to your projects and data, starting with this update, you can edit data directly in the Results area of a report.

Note: By default, the functionality is not enabled.


To be able to edit a report inline, the functionality must be enabled:

  1. By a System administrator in Clarizen Labs.
  2. By a report owner in the Edit report view.

Enabling the functionality in Clarizen Labs

To enable the new feature:

  1. As a System Administrator, navigate to Settings System Settings > Clarizen Labs.
  2. Enable the Editable values in report results property.

Enabling the ability to edit a report

A report owner must enable the Editable Report toggle for a report to be able to edit the report data. This task must be performed for each report individually.

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    Ariel Rak

    would be great to have this turned on by default for every new report once the system setting is turned on...