Project Utilization (via Clarizen Labs)

As a Project Manager, one of your key objectives is to make sure that all resources in your project pool are being fully utilized, work is equally allocated to resources with the necessary skillset.

The new Project Utilization functionality just made your job much easier.

Note: The functionality is not enabled by default. Your System Administrator must enable it in Clarizen Labs.

Feature Overview

In the Resource Load view, you can now view work assignment by projects.

By selecting one or more project, you can view all users assigned to it as a resource, their workload, and tasks assigned to them.

The new Show whole projects pools setting available from the Gear icon, allows you to view all users in the project (the setting is enabled), or only users who have tasks assigned to them (the setting is turned off).

To balance work between people in your project, you need to know the person’s job role or skillset. The ability to group users in a project by group, skill, or job title, is aimed to help you with this task. You can choose a grouping that works better for your organization. For example, you can display people by group, where one group is UI designers, and the other is Software engineers. Now you can easily reassign tasks, as you know that all people within the group have similar skills. To assign tasks, you can drag and drop work items.

People that are not assigned to a skill or a group, appear under the No skill or No group category at the bottom of the project.

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    Chad Williams

    When viewing a project, and selecting the resource load (by project) the active project is not loaded by default - you have to manually choose a project to view, despite selecting resource load from the project itself. This isn't very user friendly - can this be resolved?

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    Chad Williams

    Also - when will resource utilisation be able to be shared as a view to non-licensed users?