Grouping data in the Report Results panel

For many reports, sorting the records isn't enough. You may also want to divide records into groups. Starting with this release, Clarizen supports three levels of grouping.

Grouping allows you to separate records visually for easy consumption. Each group consists of a group header (first-level) filtering, nested groups (if any), and detailed records.

Let’s look at the report where results are first grouped by Project Manager, than by Customers, and by % complete.

Note: You can define grouping by editing a report.


When you run the report, the report results, first display all records grouped by Project Manager. The total number of projects for each manager is displayed in parenthesis.

Tip: Use the Collapse All or Expand All buttons for easy navigation.


At the second level, records are grouped by customer. You can see a list of all customers related to the project manager. The total number of projects for each customer is displayed in parenthesis. Customer records are further grouped by % complete.

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    Fernando Borrego Polo


    I'm afraid I didn't get what changed here. How is this different from the existing grouping functionality prior to this release?


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    Natasha Ormiston

    Hi Fernando,

    Sorry for the confusion. The new functionality introduced for reports is the ability to group records with relations or multi-select picklists by individual or actual values in charts and report results.

    I have updated the following topic accordingly:

    Kind regards,

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