Enforcing password protection for widget sharing


Starting with this update, you can set a validation or workflow rule to ensure that all views shared as a widget are password-protected.

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As a system administrator, to enforce password protection for widget sharing, you can configure a validation or workflow rule at the widget class level using the new HasPassword field.

The rule must be set using the Every time a record is created or edited run time trigger and NOT $HasPassword evaluation criteria.

For example:

Once the rule is configured and enabled, each time a user attempts to share a widget without password protection, an error message is displayed, preventing the user from sharing the widget.

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    Chris S.

    Excellent! This was a critical security issue for us, with limitations in the way we could use the tool to share information.
    I tested in iframes and it works very well too when embedded.
    However, if you want to delete a shared widget you now have to add a password to it,
    To resolve the problem the criteria should be changed to: NOT $HasPassword && $Revoked

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    Natasha Ormiston

    Thank you, Chris, for the feedback and a great tip!

    Kind regards,