Calendar view enhancements

Hiding weekends for weekly and monthly view

Starting with this release, in the Calendar view, you can choose to display work days only and hide the weekend days using the Hide weekends link.

You can always reverse to display the calendar week by clicking the Show weekends link.

Your preferences are persistent between sessions.

The 'Show more' floating pop-up

The Show more link appears for a day when there are more items scheduled for that date. Click the link to view the items in a floating pop-up window. You can drag and drop items to reschedule or reassign them.

Changing the display name of an item

You can now change the display name of an item as it appears in the Calendar view. You can choose, between:

  • Items’ actual name (the default value)
  • Path + item’s name ¾ displays item’s full path + name
  • Custom ¾ any available field (including a custom field)

You can change the display name in the Gear > Calendar Settings > Display.

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    Chad Williams


    When will it be possible to change the display name in reports?

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    Chad, that feature request has already been approved and we are waiting for a planned release (CR-247859).

    Edited by Josh Santos