Clarizen mobile app for Android


To increase user productivity and empower employees work from anywhere at any time, Clarizen announces availability of the mobile application for Android. The app can be downloaded from Google Play.

Note: The previous browser-based Clarizen app for Android will be removed from the Google Play at the time of the release. If you have it installed, uninstall it and install the new native app.


With Clarizen mobile app for Android you can:

  • Use global search
  • Navigate the same modules that are available in the web application
  • View a list of items for each module with key properties (i.e. path, status, %complete, and due date)
  • Take quick actions on an item (e.g. mark complete, report time, edit, etc.)
  • View item’s properties and related items
  • Add new items (projects, tasks, cases, requests, etc.)
  • Sort and filter a view
  • Report time
  • View user details
  • SSO support by organization name or user ID.

At this time, the mobile app for Android, does not support:

  • Landscape mode
  • The Social module and discussions
  • Custom actions and panels
  • Approvals
  • Notifications
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