Dependent picklists (GA)

Note: The functionality has been initially released in Clarizen Labs in Update 18. Starting with Update 20, it is generally available and enabled for all Clarizen customers.

A dependent picklist is a custom picklist for which the valid values depend on the value of another (controlling) field. You can use dependent picklists to help your users enter accurate and consistent data.

Note: At this time, dependent picklists do not support multi-select picklists. Stay tuned!

The following custom dependent picklists and corresponding fields (for the Grid view) are available out-of-the box for Projects:

  • Region (Controlling picklist)
  • Country (Dependent picklist)
  • State (Dependent picklist)

Using dependent picklists

After selecting a value from the controlling picklist (i.e. Region), the list of countries selected for the region is displayed in the Country field.

You can also select a value from a dependent picklist (i.e. Country), and if only one value is mapped to the controlling picklist (i.e. Region), the value for the Region column is auto-populated.

Defining dependent picklists

As a System administrator, you can modify values for the existing dependent picklists, as well as create new ones in Settings > Configure.

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  • Avatar
    Ariel Rak

    When is this released out of labs? It isn't showing on the labs page.

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    It will graduate from labs on September 19th!

  • Avatar

    Josh -

    Is there any method to populate or maintain dependent picklists via API?

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    I don't believe so at the moment.

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