Resource utilization report


Resource utilization report displays actual utilization and related KPIs of your resource pool, by resource and month. The report is based on user’s assigned work, actual time reported via timesheets, and user’s availability.

The current version of the report is excel-based, includes all users in the organization, and their utilization-related data in separate fields for 2016, grouped by month.

You can categorize work using resource utilization categories to get detailed information about overall utilization.

The report answers the following business question:

  • Are my resources optimally utilized?

Use Cases

  • Review target versus actual utilization by time period.
  • Ensure ROI of your deployed resources by comparing billable versus non-billable work.

For example, Professional Services organizations can analyze utilization of their resources to understand how much effort was put into billable work vs. non-billable, and what type of work comprised the non-billable hours.

Note: Clarizen welcomes your feedback and suggestions for the current version of the report.

To learn more about the report, refer to the Resource Utilization section.


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  • Avatar
    David Stackleather

    Is it possible to get a sample of this report (or a screenshot)?

  • Avatar
    Sarah Ottey

    I am unable to download or email this report. The progress reaches 10% and results in an error message.

  • Avatar
    Chris Wetzel

    I have an issue similar to what Sarah reports. I try to download or email the report and it hangs at 10%. I did not get an error message, but maybe I did not wait long enough (only waited around five minutes).

  • Avatar
    Natasha Ormiston

    Hi All,

    The BETA version of the report exports all users in the system, which may result in a slow performance. Filtering capabilities will be added to the report in the future updates.

    In other words, it may take a longer time to download the report. However, if you receive an error message, please submit a Support request.

    We appreciate your feedback!

    Kind regards,

  • Avatar
    Elizabeth Dubrowsky

    Hi Clarizen team,

    Is it possible to customize Utilization Report adding additional custom columns? While building any new report system allows to add formula column.

    Thanks in advance!