Data used in the Resource Utilization report

The Resource Utilization report is based on the following data:

Data Object Required? Configured by Configuration task
Target utilization User Yes Anyone who has access to user's pofile (Refer to the 5.6 Personal Calendar update limitations setting) Set target utilization for each user
Capacity User Yes Anyone
Note: Use validation rules to add limitations on who can perfom this task.
Set capacity/calendar availability for each user in user's calendar
Assigned work Work item Yes Project manager If not previously assigned, assign work to users at project, milestone, or task level.
Time reported via Timesheets Work item Yes User Report time via Timesheets for a work item

Note: By default, To-do tasks are considered as billable work, as a result, time reported against a To-do task is displayed in the Billable actual column.
Resource utilization categories Work item No Administrator (defines available values)
User (selects for a work item)
Configure resource utilization categories 

Note: If a user reports time for a work item with no category selected, in the Utilization report, the time is displayed in the Actual NA column.

Note: If categories already exist in your organization (for example, as a name of a project, a custom field, etc.), you must migrate the existing categories to the new field in order for them  appear in the report.
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