Overview of the Resource Utilization report

Resource utilization report displays actual utilization and related KPIs of your resource pool by resource and month. The report is based on user’s assigned work, actual time reported via time sheets, and user’s availability.

The current version of the report is excel-based and includes all users in the organization.  The utilization-related data in displayed by month and Hours (H) for 2016.

You can categorize work using resource utilization categories to get detailed information about overall utilization.

The report answers the following business question:

  • Are my resources optimally utilized?

Common Use Cases

  • Review target versus actual utilization by time period.
  • Ensure ROI of your deployed resources by comparing billable versus non-billable work.

For example, Professional Services organizations can analyze utilization of their resources to understand how much effort was put into billable work vs. non-billable, and what type of work comprised the non-billable hours.

Watch a quick how-to video:

Resource Utilization How-to from Clarizen Vimeo on Vimeo.

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