Release at a Glance (Fall 2016)


Last updated: November 8, 2016

Release date: November 13, 2016

The below table summarizes a list of features introduced in the release and their potential impact on your environment.


New feature

Released? Enabled by default? Requires admin setup Contact your account executive Affects existing configuration or data
Resource management    Project and task resource planning        
Resource load usability improvements    
Resource utilization report (BETA)      
Resource Load as a module Nov. 27         
Integrations    Clarizen mobile app for Android      
End of Life for Clarizen browser-based mobile app for Android        
Clarizen integration with SharePoint Online      
Import from Excel (BETA)      
Usability and productivity
New filter for timesheets to view work items with reported time      
Adding work items from the Tasks module      
New out-of-the-box views  
(for existing customers only)   
Fiscal year support      
Numeric and duration values in Pie charts          
Redesigned bubble and scatter charts Dec. 11        
Other Redesigned Login page      


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