New views

To simply user experience, increase adoption, and allow all customers benefit from best practices, Clarizen introduces a set of new views.

For existing customers, views can be installed by a System administrator, who can then share the new views as needed. Views for each module must be installed separately. Refer to the table below for installation links (for your production environment) and a description of views.

Note: The new views do not overwrite your existing views.

For new customers, views will be enabled by default for all users in the next product update.

Module New or modified view Description

Click here to install
Team project view Designed for direct managers to view status of all projects assigned to their team.
All active projects Lists all active projects that are not portfolios that a user has access to.
Pipeline projects Lists all draft projects in Clarizen that may have been created via an integration or otherwise and require attention of an operations manager for assignment. The view is primarily designed for Professional Services organizations. 
My current projects Designed for project managers to view all their projects in the active and draft state.
My projects A visual representation of all user’s draft and active projects by status.
Project - for a specific project

Click here to install
WBS Sharing view Designed for easy sharing a project. Includes roadmap, Gantt, and basic project fields.
Baseline scheduling view Designed for project/portfolio managers to easily understand the difference between the project baseline and the current schedule.
Gantt view Gantt view of a project plan.
Budget view Includes fields for understanding current cost and revenue of a project.
Scheduling view Designed for project managers to quickly schedule a project.
Timesheets - Team view

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Simple view View with basic fields for users to enter time they worked on a project.
Detailed view Similar to the Simple view, plus, additional fields, such as start and end date, % Complete, Actual and Remaining effort, etc.

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Basic view Designed for all Clarizen users to view a list and contact information of other Clarizen users.
Rates view Lists all billable employees and their hourly rate. Only users with Financial permissions can access this view.
Permissions view Lists all employees with their login name, user type, assigned profile and permissions. Only System Administrators can access this view.



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