Project and task resource planning

In addition to planning resources at the project level, resource managers can plan resources at the task level.

Note: Planning resources at the milestone level is not supported at this time.

Resource Planning view

In the Resource Planning view for a project, Resource Managers define project assignment and tasks assignment over the duration of the project by day, and view the assignment by time period (i.e. day, week or month). All task assignments roll up to the project level and measure against user’s project assignment and user's capacity.

In the below example, in the top row, you can see that rollup of all work (total 14 hours) assigned to Helena accross all projects for March 6, 2013 exceeds her daily capacity of 8 hours. In addition, for the Customer Rollout Project, her task assignment of 14 hours exceeds her total project assignment of 8 hours.

To balance Helena's work assignments you can:

  1. In the Tasks Assignment view, reassign work at the task level to other days or users (you can assign work at the task level by day, and view by week or month).
  2. Switch to the Project assignment mode and increase Helena's project assignment.

Resource Load view

In the Resource Load view, Resource Managers can view a rollup of all assignments for users, groups, and projects. This view is read-only. To update project or tasks assignments, switch to the Resource Planning view.

 Accessing and switching between views

You can access both views directly from the new Resourcing tab in Work Plan.

To switch between the views, click the Gear icon, and select the desired view.

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