Resource Utilization report enhancements

Report filters

When downloading the Resource Utilization report (after clicking the Download button), use the new filters to retrieve only a set of data you need.

Available filters include:

Filter Description
Groups and users Specifies groups or users to be included in the report.
Time scale (Day, week, or month) Defines the time interval for grouping data in the report.
Time frame Date range for data to be included in the report.
Note: When using Week or Month in time scale, the time frame must start on the first day and end on the last day of week, or month.

Flat file

Click the Flat tab at the bottom of the Excel file to view exported report data in the flat/plain text format, where each record is listed in a separate line, with no structural relationship between records.

For example, if the date range is from October 1 to December 31, grouped by month, the report displays 3 records for each user – one for each month.

Flat file format allows you to create pivot tables out of a large data set for reporting flexibility, where you can view your data grouped in any way you like.

Examples of Pivot tables created from flat file data

My team weekly utilization

In this report (download), the new My team weekly utilization tab is added. The tab includes a pivot table created from the Flat tab data that represents weekly utilization for a team of three users with few weeks of data. Conditional formatting is used to highlight the relationshipt between billable utilization and target utilization.

Utilization by team

In this report (download) two additonal tabs are added with pivoted data from the Flat tab:

  • Team utilization grouped by manager with a line chart
  • Monthly utilization with high-level KPIs for all resources grouped by team.
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  • Avatar
    Chana Lewis

    The report has columns for, Actual Customer work (h), Actual Internal projects (h), Actual Training (h), Actual PTO (h), Actual Other (h), and Actual N/A (h), how are hours classified into these groups?

  • Avatar
    Natasha Ormiston

    Hi Chana,

    These are custom columns that you can define using resource utilization categories. Each category appears as a separate column in the report. You can delete existing and add new categories depending on which data you wish to track and analyze. Learn more here:
    Please let me know if you have further questions.

  • Avatar
    Shelley Hen

    Hi Chana,
    These categories are a field on the work item level, where you can define each one with relevant Utilization category.
    Each time entry reported against a work item is tagged with that category, based on what was defined on the work item level, and displayed as a column in the report