Export Non-Labor Resources to Excel

What's New?

Export Non-Labor Resources for projects, milestones and tasks to a flat Excel spreadsheet from the Financial Planning module.


With your Non-Labor Resources in a flat Excel, you can easily manipulate the data, create reports and pivot tables, and copy/export the data to other tools.

Coming soon

In an upcoming release, you will be able to update time-phased data (budget and actual costs) for existing Non-Labor Resources, on a monthly level. You will be able to export to Excel, update the data in the exported spreadsheet, and then import the updated Non-Labor Resource amounts into Clarizen. Adding new Non-Labor Resources will not be supported.

How it works

  1. In the Financial Planning view, enable Summary mode.
  2. Click Export to Excel.
    • Summary is the existing option for exporting a summary of your plan
    • Flat is the new option for exporting a flat Excel of your Non-Labor Resources

The exported spreadsheet

What data will I see in the exported flat spreadsheet?

The data in the report reflects the selected time frame in the date picker, and based on the Financial start and end times.

If the current view shows data for Q1, Q2, Q3 but the financial dates run from February to August, then data for February to August will be exported.

In addition, the report will only include data from columns in the current view. 



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