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What's New?

A native Program object, a home for Program Managers that is a top level container for Projects, with additional capabilities for visibility and reporting



Program is a home for Program Managers, and is the basis for simpler organization of your program data and integrated program reporting.  

Program gives Program Managers an integrated view of their Program rolling up from sub-projects and their sub-items (tasks, milestones):

  1. Requests (Aggregated)
  2. Issues (Aggregated)
  3. Risks (Aggregated)
  4. Bugs (Aggregated)
  5. Files (Aggregated)
  6. Resources 
  7. Program-specific Property card and native fields

Program Roadmap showing Projects


Program Property Card with aggregated Files, Requests and Risks


Program also includes:

  1. A special roadmap which shows sub-projects. 
  2. Program Gantt
  3. Program Financial Planning
  4. Program-centric Resource Load 
  5. A Program Manager role for Projects

How it works

Program is a top-level work item with it's own module.

Program Module with List view



A Program is a top level item above Projects, where Projects can live under a single Program. 

As Program is a separate object type from Project and can have its own set of fields, there is no automatic way to change type from Project to Program. This is to ensure no unintentional loss of data. Consider creating a custom action to migrate large quantities of Projects to Programs in a uniform way.

To simplify reporting and navigation we've added some new fields and references:

  • Program reference from Projects (and their sub projects)
  • Program Manager role for Projects filtering and permissions

Managing visibility, permissions and reporting of enterprise work is greatly simplified when combined with the Permission Access Roles feature Cases Inherit from Work Items.   




Other Changes

As part of this update, Cases (Issues, Risks, Requests & Bugs) can be directly linked to Programs. The Cases' "Resolved In Project" field has been relabelled "Resolved In". As the field's API name is unchanged, existing functionality & integrations is unaffected.

For detailed information about Programs, click here

Enabling Programs and Migrating from Projects and Sub-Projects to Programs

Before you enable Program in your organization and migrate your existing Project-Sub-project structures to Programs, we recommend you read the migration guidelines and required actions.

To enable Programs:

  1. Open the Master profile in your Settings. 
  2. Under ITEM TYPES, open Work Items > Program.
  3. Toggle the on/off switch to On.

    This will prompt you to run a scan of existing configurations and workflows, which will highlight formulas and references that may need a one-time modification before being used in Programs.



Migration Guide

Program Dashboard and Reports


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    Matt Bures

    Once the Program object is activated, can the environment be reset to the settings before the feature was enabled?