Update Non-Labor Resource Amounts from Excel

What's New?

Update Non-Labor Resources for projects, milestones and tasks using an Excel spreadsheet.

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  • Update time-phased data (planned and/or actual amounts) for existing Non-Labor Resources, on a monthly level. 
  • Save time when updating large plans.
  • Easily import data from external systems. 

How it works

  1. In the Financial Planning view, enable Summary mode.
  2. Click Export to Excel.
    • Summary is the existing option for exporting a summary of your plan
    • Flat is the new option for exporting a flat Excel of your Non-Labor Resources

  1. Export your existing Non-Labor Resources to a flat Excel.
    Note: Only columns in the current view are exported to Excel. To add more time-phased columns, add them from the Manage Columns > Time Phase settings.

    The exported spreadsheet

  2. Update your Non-Labor amounts in the spreadsheet. 
  3. Click Import to import the updated spreadsheet.
    You can also update amounts and the currency in the confirmation screen.

    When done, the amounts are updated in the Financial Plan.


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    Christopher Dong

    Uploaded from an Excel sheet is a god send for our large projects with complex budgets!