Resource Calendar

Resource Calendar

Resource Calendar End of Life 

Effective December 31, 2020, the Resource Calendar will no longer be available. The Resource Load view can be used to show similar information.

In place of where the Resource Calendar option would normally be, simply choose Resource Load instead. The user will be presented with the Resource Load view showing the workload assigned to the resources associated with any selected items.

The Resource Load view has a number of options available for changing the way information is presented. More details about Resource Load can be found here

Note: If Resource Load is not visible to the user where they would normally see Resource Calendar, they should contact their Clarizen Administrator to add the option to their user profile.

Please reach out to if you have any questions.


The Resource Calendar View graphically illustrates resource allocation over time. This view gives an overview of resource usage within the organization.

The Resource Calendar View can be most helpful during the initial planning phase, as well as for the review of resource allocation during the execution phase of a project. Additionally, the view is very useful for detecting resource overloads.

The Resource Calendar can be accessed from the following pages/tabs:

  • In the Resources tab by clicking on the Resource Calendar button
  • In the Work Items tab by clicking on the Resource Calendar button on the toolbar
  • In the Current Project screen by right clicking on a work item and selecting "Resource Calendar" from the right click menu

In the Work Items and Current Project views the Resource Calendar view will automatically display the calendars of the Resources allocated to the “leaf” tasks of the selected work item.

What Do I See Here?

Resource Calendar Toolbar

Resource Grid

Resource Calendar Toolbar

The Toolbar is comprised of the following:

  • Resource Calendar Legend

  • Refresh button to refresh the calendar with the latest data
  • The print icon to print the Resource Calendar view

Resource Grid

The Resource Calendar is divided into two separate panes Upper View and Bottom View

Upper View

The Upper View is split into two sections.

On the left most side you can find the names of resources whose calendars are displayed in the view.

On the right side the bars graphically represent the tasks that are assigned to the user day-by-day. The bars are extended through the timescale.

The user-specific bar represents all tasks that are assigned to resources within the displayed time period.

Vertical lines inside the bar indicate the beginning of the next task.

A mouse-over on a user-specific bar, or section of a bar, opens a tool tip displaying the details of each task assigned on this day and the overall load of the resource.

Bar sections colored Red indicates that the resource is overloaded on the corresponding dates.

With the View manipulation commands on the far right side, you can Zoom In / Zoom Out and Fit to Screen the calendar view.

Bottom View

Clicking on one of the Bars in the upper view opens the Personal Gantt View for the corresponding resource in the bottom view of the screen.

The Personal Gantt View displays the Gantt View of the selected user in the timeframe of the above Resource Calendar View.

The view displays only leaf tasks assigned within this period and the dependencies between them.

Progress of individual tasks within the Personal Gantt View is displayed by a yellow progress color.

Dependencies between tasks in the Personal Gantt View are shown with arrows from the end of the predecessor task to the starting point of the successor task.

Selecting any of the tasks within the on the work item tree or within the Personal Gantt View will allow you to go directly into the work breakdown structure of the selected work item within the Current Project screen. The Go To bar is located below the Personal Gantt View.

The tooltip opened by a mouse-over on the task bar, displays important details about the task.

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