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Clarizen is pleased to announce the release of Capacity Planning. 

The Capacity Planning workspace supports the creation of “what if” scenarios and provides insights at a glance to help you avoid overestimating capacity and overcommitting resources.


Capacity Planning provides:

  • Top-down planning and forecasting by job title or teams to create better predictions and optimize resources across projects
  • Forecast and manage resources all within Clarizen, using real-time data
  • Formalize the planning and approval process between Project and Resource Managers
  • Try out different scenarios before committing
  • Keep everyone informed automatically as soon as changes are made

Capacity Planning helps managers understand the capacity of their teams and roles for future periods, compare it with the demand over time, and then make effective and smart decisions around the optimization of resource assignment and utilization.

The Project Manager can:

  • Request resources by job title, team or named resources
  • Manage all requests in one workspace
  • Receive notifications for approved requests and assigned resources

The Resource/Portfolio Manager can:

  • View capacity vs demand by teams, job titles and named resources
  • Append and approve requests per resource, per time period, per project
  • Assign resources directly on projects based on current availability and assignments 
  • Plan and forecast utilization of resources for future periods

The Capacity Planning workspace

How it Works

To learn more, see the Capacity Planning documentation

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    Kevin Andrade

    Hi, i have setup my profile and made sure that all of the steps have been followed to begin capacity planning (resource group, primary roles, resource manager, job titles), but I do not see any of my resource usage in the CP view. I do see all of my resources listed but it says 100% available when I know that they are currently working on ACTIVE projects in which you can see in my Resource Load view. I need some guidance as to figure which step I missed or missing/could it be a permissions thing? Help required as i need to plan some new projects coming soon and need to know if we can deliver or not as per the customer requirements.