Slide Publisher - Add Clarizen Report Charts to Presentations

What's New

Include pie, bar and column charts from your Clarizen reports in Slide Publisher presentations. The charts will be converted PowerPoint charts.

A chart in PowerPoint generated from a report in Clarizen


  • Visualize your project data with charts
  • Easily add existing charts to your presentations, without the need to manually create them in PowerPoint. 
  • Edit and format directly in PowerPoint using PowerPoint tools. For example, change colors, labels, etc.

How it Works

Note: There is no need to update the Clarizen Add-in in MS PowerPoint.

  1. Open your PowerPoint presentation (local or Slide Publisher template in Clarizen).
  2. Prepare the slide that will include the chart by adding a rectangle shape to the slide. The rectangle will act as a placeholder for the chart that you are going to import from the report. Resize and position the rectangle according to how you want to display the chart in the presentation. ppt_gif.gif
  3. In the Slide Publisher addon wizard, select Reports.

  4. Select the report and the tab in the report where the chart is located.
  5. Click Copy, and then paste the chart in the rectangle that you previously added to your presentation. 

  6. Save the PowerPoint presentation and upload it to Clarizen as a new template or replace an existing template.
  7. In your Work Item, click Custom Actions > Publish Slides to publish the presentation.

The chart in Clarizen


The chart in PowerPoint



  • Only pie, bar and column charts are supported.
  • The chart colors in PowerPoint will not match the colors of the same chart in Clarizen. 
  • Only reports with predefined run-time filters or non-defined run-time filters are supported.


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