Slide Publisher - New Features and Functionality

What's New

The following Slide Publisher enhancements have been added:

  • Reports - In a previous release we added the option to include charts from Clarizen reports in Slide Publisher presentations. We have enhanced the above feature with:
    • Runtime filters - You can use runtime filters in Slide Publisher. The new functionality works with Reference to Object fields and picklists/multi picklists. See more
    • Dynamically filtered charts based on current project. Filter charts based on the project from which you are generating the slides. See more
    • Matching chart colors - Colors used in reports will now match those in Slide Publisher presentations. See more
    • Chart names link to reports in Clarizen. See more
  • Collate repeating slides by project - Repeating slides for sub-projects are now collated by project, rather than by data set. See more

How they Work

Runtime Filters

If your report includes runtime filters, you can now select the runtime filter(s) when preparing the Slide Publisher template. Then, when generating the report in Clarizen, it will include the chart using the selected runtime filter(s).

Note: This feature works with the following runtime filter types: Reference to Object fields and picklists/multi picklists.

  1. In the Slide Publisher template, select the Reports option, and then select the report and relevant tab. You will now see the available runtime filters. 

In this example, the operator and desired parent project are selected

The report as set up in Clarizen

In this example there are multiple filters (Parent Project and Created By), including a multi-select filter (Is One Of). 

  1. Continue the regular procedure. Copy the report into the template and upload the template. You can then generate the report, and the data based on the runtime filter will be included in the presentation. 

Filter Charts based on Current Project

Add charts that are dynamically filtered based on the project from where you publish the slides. This feature can also be used for repeating slides with charts from your sub-projects.

  1. In the Slide Publisher template wizard, select the report and tab you want to include.
  2. From the runtime filter options, select
    • Equals and then start typing in the project's name to select it (type in at least 3 characters to see relevant projects)
    • select Current Project

  1. Publish your slides from your project to include charts filtered with the project data.

Matching Chart Colors

Until now, colors defined for fields in the report's charts did not match those in presentations created by Slide Publisher. Now, colors defined for custom pick lists and some standard fields will be used in Slide Publisher charts.

Note: For fields where colors are not defined or cannot be defined, colors will not match.

A report with defined colors on the State field

The same colors are used in the Slide Publisher presentation

Chart Names Link to Reports

Click on the chart's name in the presentation to open the related report in Clarizen.

Collated Repeating Slides by Project

Repeating slides bring data from sub-projects onto separate slides. Until now, the repeating slide (data set) was repeated for every project, before moving to the next batch of slides with a different data set, showing a slide per project.

Now you will see all slides (data sets) for the same project before moving on to the next set of repeating slides (data sets) for the next project.

For 3 projects and 2 repeating slides, the order of the slides used to be:

  • Project 1 
  • Project 2
  • Project 1 (repeated slide A)
  • Project 2 (repeated slide A)
  • Project 1 (repeated slide B)
  • Project 2 (repeated slide B)

Now it is like this:

  • Project 1 
  • Project 1 (repeated slide A)
  • Project 1 (repeated slide B)
  • Project 2
  • Project 2 (repeated slide A)
  • Project 2 (repeated slide B)


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