Capacity Planning - Exclude Projects

What's New

Include and exclude projects from resource optimization in Capacity Planning. 

The excluded Project resources will not appear in heatmaps, and Projects will not appear in the Demand table.

Staffing requests will not be included in resourcing calculations, and submitting changes will not affect or reject requests in excluded projects.


Resource Managers now have even more options to simulate 'what if' scenarios, based on whether a project is included or not.

The Resource Manager can temporarily exclude a Project to view the effects on staffing and capacity, and easily include the project back into the process.

How it Works

  1. In the Demand table, click the menu options for the Project.
  2. Click Exclude
  3. The Project is moved to a separate panel below the Demand table, which can be removed from the main view if preferred.
  4. To include the project, click the settings and Include.



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