Logging Time

Members can log time for the work they did on a Task. They can add as many logs as needed, as well as for days in the past, and multiple logs on a single day if needed. All the time logs from all members are accumulated and can be seen as actual hours worked, next to estimated and remaining effort. 

Actual Effort and time logs in Task details


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How to Log Time

You can log time in Task details, the Task card in Board view, or inline, in Grid view. 

Task Details

Open a Task, and under Log Time, click Log Time to add the first log.
When you add the log, you can select the log date, assignee, and time. Enter the time by typing in the number of hours and minutes.
The Actual Effort is accumulated from all logged times.


Task Card

Log time directly on the Task card.


Grid View

Under Actual Effort, click to log time.


Timesheet Report

You can export a timesheet report to Excel.

  1. In the Workspace menu, click Timesheet Report.
  2. Define the date period of the report, and click Create the Report.
  3. When ready, download the report from the Notifications window.
  4. In the report, you can find all the time logs as well as additional task-related details, such as start and end dates, effort, etc.

Deleting Time Logs

All members of the Workspace can edit or delete time logs of other members in the Workspace. Guests cannot update time logs.

To delete a log, hover over the entry and click the trash icon.



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