Capacity Planning Enhancements

The Capacity Planning interface has been updated with the following enhancements:

New Heatmap Colors

What's New

The heatmap in the Capacity Planning module now has more colors to provide a more accurate picture of the workload. Instead of just two colors (green for under capacity and red for overload / above 100% capacity), multiple colors depict different levels of demand on the workload.   

See where your team is overloaded, near overload, or perhaps with enough capacity to add work. All of this in one view without drilling into additional details.

In addition, the thresholds that define how the colors represent different loads can be customized according to your organization's requirements.  In the screenshot below, the default thresholds show red as exceeding 100% capacity, and the blue zone means demand is less than 51% of the capacity. You can change these percentages, for example, define an overload as being above 110% rather than 100%.

Another change is to how we indicate a partial overload. The partial overload (for a time period, a resource in the group, etc.) is still indicated by the red dot in a cell, however the overload is now based on the defined threshold for the red zone in the map rather than above 100%. 

The new heatmap and updated legend (with default thresholds for colors)

How it Works

On entering the Capacity Planning module, the new heatmap will be displayed by default, with the default threshold settings.

Default thresholds

To change the threshold values:

  1. Go to Global Settings.
  2. Under Organization Settings, find Capacity Planning Heatmap, and click Edit.
  3. Move the sliders to adjust the thresholds and click Save.


Visual Indication for Updated Data in Demand Table

After you make changes in the Demand table, a blue border will indicate that changes have been made in the cell. The border will be present until submitting the plan.

New Resource Manager Filter

Use the new Resource Manager filter in reports to filter users by their Resource Manager. 

In the example below, only users where I am the Resource Manager will appear in the report.


Expand the Demand Table

A new expand/collapse option lets you expand and collapse all Projects in the Demand table.

Staffing Requests in Customizations

Staffing Requests are now supported in Customizations for a number of use cases, including:

  • Notifications based on state changes
    • The Resource Manager can receive a notifications for new requests (state changes to Requested)
    • The Project Manager can receive a notification for any changes to a Staffing Request (approved, assigned or rejected)
  • Custom fields on Staffing Requests
    • Show in Staffing Requests project panel
    • Show in Capacity Planning page quick view
    • Apply in Workflow rules
  • Verification rules for who can change the state (for example, the direct manager can assign but not approve a request)


This Workflow example sends an email notification to the Resource Manager when a new resource request is created.


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    Jennielyn Pulling

    Hi! I really think Clarizen needs to add the "Units" . The heatmap is also in "Units". In fast thinking and visualization there should be the same measurement.

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    Richard G. Sigler

    I would really like to be able to change the Heat Map colors! Thanks!