Rename Report Fields for Columns and Charts

What's New

Rename column headers in report tables. The renamed fields appear in the report's column headers and chart axes, and in dashboards using the same report.



Customize reports with per-report terminology, without having to rename fields on a global (organization) level. Create tailored reports for different customers, internal audiences or for any other needs that reuse the same fields, with unique names. 

Note: This feature lets you rename fields "locally" on the report, and does not rename the field names across the system, which can be achieved with relabeled fields, a feature released earlier in 2019.

  1. To rename report column headers, open the report for editing.
  2. Hover over the column header to reveal the pencil icon. Click the pencil to rename the column header. Rename the column and click OK


    After you rename the column, the pencil icon remains in view, to use for renaming or restoring the original label.


  • You can rename original field labels as well as fields that were relabeled on the organization level
  • Renaming applies to all tabs in the report, so you do not need to rename the same label in each tab
  • You can rename calculated fields as well
  • Field pickers in charts and filters display the original names
  • Renamed fields appear in exported Excel and PDF reports
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