Change History Enhancements and General Availability


In a previous release we introduced Change History to view all additions, updates and deletions in the system or on the Project level. 

What's New

Project-level Change History is now General Availability

Change History is now accessible from the Project.

Click Change History to open the events in a new window.


System Setting for Project-level Change History

To enable Change History for Projects, a new System setting is available to administrators. Enabling the setting provides access to users with Edit permissions (Project Manager, Owner, etc.) via a button in Quick Actions, Utilities tab and contextual menu.

The new setting can be found under Work Management settings. 



Export to Excel

Click Download Excel to export the events to an Excel file. 

The downloaded file respects the time zone option, column order, column filters in the view and financial permissions (yes/no) of the User performing the download. 

You can download up to 999,980 lines of changes history.

(Excel's maximum row limit per tab is 1,000,000 rows, Clarizen Reports include a standard 20 lines of additional report information) 


Track back 60 days

  • Track 60 days (updated from 30) or last 1000 changes (whichever is the larger) for auditing purposes. Click here for more information.



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