Task Views and Custom Fields

You can choose which fields to show in Tasks as well as create your own custom fields.

Note: You must be an Admin to select categories and add custom fields.

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Accessing the Settings

  1. From the Workspace or Board menus, click Task View Settings.
  2. Open Task View Settings or Custom Fields.

Task Sections

Remove unnecessary fields by hiding sections (categories) from Task details. Hidden field sections will be hidden from all Tasks, in all views in the Workspace. At any time, you can bring them back. The sections are Description, Checklist, Effort, Logged Time, and Files.

  • In the Task Sections tab, click on a section to hide it in all instances where Task details are displayed; in Task details, board and grid views, etc.


Checklist is removed


Custom Fields

Add up to 10 custom fields to Tasks for a more customized workflow. Your custom fields will be available across Tasks in your Workspace.

You can see custom fields, and edit their values in Task details or Grid view.

Custom fields in Task details


  1. In the Custom Fields tab, click on the type of custom field to add. Enter a name for the field, and additional properties depending on the field type. Click Create.
  2. Repeat the previous step to add additional fields. You can add up to 10 custom fields.
  3. Hover over a custom field to reorder it in the Task details, edit, or delete it. Click on the eye icon to temporarily hide the field in all Tasks.

After adding your custom fields, members can populate them in the Task's detailed view or inline, in Grid view.

Grid view


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