Clarizen Go - Earlier Release Notes

March, 2020

  • Synced Clarizen One Projects - When you push a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go, the newly created Workspace in Clarizen Go is synced by default, so you do not have to enable Workspaces each time you push a Project. The sync setting is still there so you can enable or disable the sync when needed.
  • Easily create a new Workspace by duplicating an existing Workspace together with all its Boards, Milestones, Epics, and optionally, Tasks and members.
  • New features for importing and exporting Workspaces include:
    • Support for checklist items - include checklist items and their assignees
    • Support for estimated and remaining effort using story points
    • Assignees of Tasks and checklist items are automatically invited to the Task, as well as to the Workspace if they're new there as well
      Note: To use the new features, you must use the latest version of the sample template. Get it from the Import dialog box.
  • Epic Boards - You can now manage Epics on a Board with Stages representing phases in a workflow. You can add, remove and reorder Stages on the Board to create a customized workflow, independent of your Task workflows. In addition, you can now prioritize your Epics. 
    In Board view, you can also easily view and manage Tasks in a Gantt chart, and move Tasks to different Epics using the Show Tasks option.
    Note: This feature is in controlled availability, and will be released for general availability soon. To gain early access, contact your Customer Success Manager.
  • You can now update the Task status directly in Grid view, in Workspaces and Boards.

February, 2020

  • Gantt charts - Add and manage Tasks in a Gantt chart:
    • Add Tasks directly on the Gantt chart
    • Drag Tasks on the chart to change their durations or dates
    • See related sprints and Milestones on the chart
    • Click on a task to see its details
      Gantt charts are available in all Task grids; in All Workspaces, a single Workspace, or a specific Board.

  • The Burndown chart now shows effort in story points (or Time), depending on your Defaults as set in the Workspace settings.
  • You can now create and edit Tasks from Tasks in All Workspaces
  • Create the first Milestone directly in Task details. If you need to set the Task's due date by a Milestone that doesn't exist yet, you can now create the Milestone from the Task details.
  • Don't delete, archive instead. Now, in addition to Tasks, you can archive whole Workspaces or Boards. 
    When you archive a Workspace, all its Boards, Epics, Milestones and Tasks will be archived as well. Read more.
    When you archive a Board, all its Tasks will be archived as well. Read more.
    Then just restore when needed, or if you must, permanently delete.
  • Assign checklist items to members. As you add members, they will be added as assignees on the Task. If you remove an assignee from the Task, that member will be removed from any checklist item previously assigned to the member.
  • Preview images and PDF documents without leaving the Task and without downloading. Scroll through the files, zoom in, page up or down, and download or delete directly from the preview window.
  • Discuss the bigger picture. You can now have discussions in Epics.

January, 2020

  • Enter Estimated and Remaining Effort at the minute level. 
  • Archive and restore Tasks. Archive Tasks with an option to restore them when needed, and only when you really need to, delete them permanently. 

  • New navigation options make it easy to directly access a Task's Board or Workspace
    • When viewing Tasks in All Workspaces, you can easily go to a Task's Workspace or Board
    • When viewing Tasks in the Workspace, you can easily go to a Task's Board
  • Edit and delete your comments in Task Discussions.


  • In your profile settings, select which help cards to display. So even if you dismiss a card, you can opt-in again to display it. The help cards appear in the various sections in the Workspace, such as Epics, Milestones, etc. and include links to related documentation and videos.


December, 2019

  • Custom Fields. Add even more customization by adding your own custom fields to Tasks that include text, date, and numeric fields, dropdown lists, currency selection, and more.
  • Manage Stages easily with the new Stage Settings. Especially handy when you have lots of Stages in the Board, you can easily add, delete, rename, and rearrange Stages in the Board all in one dialog box.
  • Log time enhancements include
    • Log time in Task details, directly on the Task card in Board view, and now inline, in Grid view
    • Export a timesheet report with all the time logs to Excel
  • Story Points - You can now add estimated and remaining effort using Story Points or time. You can also choose to see aggregated statuses by time or story points. Tasks with time will be converted to story points, and story points can be converted to time. 
  • Log time. Log hours in Tasks, and see the actual hours worked next to estimated and remaining effort. Add as many logs as needed for multiple assignees, on as many dates as needed. 
  • We made lots of visual enhancements that make it easier to find what you're looking for and get there quicker. These include:
    • We moved the Add new button for Kanban Boards, Scrum Boards, Epics, Milestones, Boards, and Tasks.
    • Easily shift between Board and Grid views when viewing Boards
    • Sort columns in the account's Members' list
    • Expand and collapse sections in Task details using the eye icon mceclip1.png
  • Integration with Clarizen One - When you push a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go, the Board created in Clarizen Go includes a Stage for each of the States in Clarizen One (Requested, Draft, Active, etc.).
  • Usability enhancements made to Task Details
    • When changing any layout option in Task Details, such as which sections are expanded or collapsed, and which Activity toggles are on or off, the changes will be saved for all Tasks that you open in your next browser session.
    • When you make a change in a Task, the changes are automatically saved. A new progress bar shows you when a save is in progress.
  • Are you removing members from Workspaces or accounts? Here is what you need to know.
    • When you remove a member from the Workspace:
      • The member will no longer have access to the Workspace
      • The member’s Tasks will remain assigned to the member until reassigned to another member
      • The member will appear in the Members tab as a Former Member until all Tasks have been reassigned or deleted.
        The rules above also apply when you remove yourself from a Workspace.
    • When you remove a member from the account:
      • All Workspaces in which they are the only member will be deleted
      • The member will lose access to all their Workspaces and Tasks
      • Their assigned Tasks will remain assigned to them until reassigned to another member
      • They will continue to appear as a Former Member in account settings. 

November, 2019

  • Tab titles are condensed to icons on resized windows or smaller screens
  • A new context menu for Tasks in Boards lets you easily delete the Task or get the link to the Task without opening the Task details. You can still open the Task details by clicking anywhere on the Task, or from the new context menu.
  • In Boards, you can filter tasks by Status, by clicking on the Status in the summary. You can clear the filter as before, by clicking on the filter icon.  This works in both Kanban and Grid views.
  • Assign multiple assignees to a single Task. This is now possible from all places in the interface where you can assign members, as well as via the Excel import feature. 
  • New filters make it even easier to manage your Tasks. Filter tasks by status, Epics and Milestones, dates and more.
    In addition, to quickly filter tasks by members, you can now click on a member's avatar; or select multiple members by pressing the Ctrl or Command keys. 
    Read more.
  • Excel import enhancements. Now, in addition to creating new Tasks, you can also create new Boards, Stages, Milestones, and Epics via the Excel import process. Another new feature lets you define a label's color. Read more.
  • We added a new shortcut for creating a Workspace from the navigation breadcrumbs.
  • Restore a deleted Workspace. You can now restore a deleted Workspace and all its content up to 30 days after it was deleted. Learn how

October, 2019

  • Invite guests to your Workspace. A new Guest role in the Workspace allows a user to view the Workspace and its tasks, as well as take part in a task's discussions. The guest cannot create or edit items. The role is ideal for users that need to view and track task updates, and contribute to discussions taking place in the Task.
  • Filter notifications. See only notifications for your tasks, for imported tasks, for reminders, etc. Simply click on a filter in the Notifications screen.
  • Ever needed to assign a task to a member that is not yet a member? Not a problem; you can now invite new members directly from the Task details. 

  • Create new Milestones and Epics directly from Task details. If it doesn't exist, just create it.

  • View and troubleshoot sync errors that occurred in the sync process between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go. In Account Settings, open the Sync with Clarizen One tab to view the errors and their descriptions.
  • Improved navigation with breadcrumbs and search make it even easier to move between Workspaces and Boards.

  • Make your messages stand out. You can now add bold, italic and hyperlink formatting to your conversations. Use the keyboard shortcuts for bold and italics. URLs will automatically get formatted with hyperlinks.


September, 2019

  • See a detailed status of your tasks and effort, by Milestone, Epic, or Member. Just click on Details to see the new status views.

  • Set the time zone, which defines when sprints begin and end.
  • We’ve made it easier to set up your Scrum environment. Upon creating a new Workspace, you can choose whether to create a Scrum Workspace (with a default Backlog Board), or a Kanban Workspace (with a default kanban board). Learn more about working with Scrum Workspaces.scrum_WS.png
  • Import and export tasks to and from Workspaces. Use Import to easily start with Clarizen Go if your work is in another tool; move tasks between workspaces by exporting and importing into a new Workspace; or analyze your project data in a spreadsheet or in other systems. Read more
  • Manage your sprints in our new Scrum Boards. Now you can create consecutive sprints with prepopulated dates, easily move Tasks from your backlog to sprints, and get notifications for tasks around sprint dates.
  • See Task updates in the Activity panel. Your Discussions panel is now your Activity stream. See conversations, when changes were made to the Task (History), and when the Task progressed to the next Stage (Flow).

August, 2019

  • Add Tasks in any Workspace grid. You can now add a new Task when viewing Milestones, Epics or members, and the new Task will be associated with the relevant Milestone, Epic or member.
  • Add Tasks directly from All Workspaces > Tasks. When adding the Task, you will be able to select the Workspace.
  • A fresh new look for Workspace settings, with settings categorized into separate tabs 
  • API keys - generate new keys and manage existing keys for accessing the Clarizen Go API
  • Access Tasks in Board or Grid views directly from the Boards tab in the Workspace

  • Drag and drop Tasks between Boards, Milestones, Epics, and members.

  • Drill into Tasks, Members, Epics, Milestones or Boards of a specific Workspace from the All Workspaces view. Click on the relevant link in the Workspace card, for example, Boards, and you will be redirected to the Boards list under the selected Workspace.
  • A new button for adding Workspaces, Epics and Boards replaces the option to add the entity by typing in the name of the new entity.
  • See who's working on a specific Board, or which members are working towards a common Milestone. Expand any Workspace, Epic, Milestone or Board card to see an assignee's tasks status and user details.
  • See the amount of work you have to do. You can now view the work status by estimated or remaining effort, in addition to number of Tasks – per member, Board, Epic, Workspace, etc.
  • Download a Task attachment using a new button (icon) that appears when hovering over the attachment in the Task details.

July, 2019

  • Hover over Assignees in Epics, Milestones, or Boards in the Workspace to see assignee details, including the tasks status, role type, and email address. 
  • Drill into Tasks from Workspace views. Use the new Show Tasks toggle to easily access Tasks directly from Milestone, Epic or Board views in the Workspace. 
  • See how many Tasks an assignee has in each status. In Milestone, Epic or Board views, hover over a status to see how many tasks assignees have in that status.
  • Account settings have been redesigned

June, 2019

  • We've added Remaining Effort (in addition to Estimated Effort) in Tasks, making it easier for teams to update and assess progress. See more in Task Details.
  • Create Tasks using email. Send an email with the Task name, description and attachments; and it will be created in the Workspace. Click here for details.
  • Enhanced sorting and filtering options to help you focus on what matters and make better decisions. For example, sort members by To Do tasks to see who is overloaded, and filter Milestones by Done to see which Milestones were achieved.
  • Notifications - See all your notifications in one place. The new Notifications panel includes task updates, your newly assigned tasks, your mentions in discussions, etc. Click here for details.
  • Boards view in Workspace - A new Boards view in the Workspace lets you see a status of your Boards in the Workspace. 
  • Discussions - You can add likes to messages in the Task's Discussions panel
  • Sync with Clarizen One - After you push a Project from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go, the Workspace in Clarizen Go is visible to the account administrator. Now in addition, the Project owner (as defined in Clarizen One) will receive an invite by email to the Workspace in Clarizen Go.
  • Collaborate on Tasks - Discuss and share information in the new Discussions panel. Mention members and get notified by email when a colleague mentions you.
  • New look for Members and Milestone pages - A new design makes it easier to manage members and Milestones. For Milestones, you can choose between a compact view to see more Milestones in the page, or expand Milestones to see a tasks status of each assignee in the Milestone. 

April, 2019

  • Multiple column sorting in grid. Press the CTRL key + column header to sort the grid view by multiple columns.
  • Drag Tasks between Boards in the Workspace.
  • Mention members in Task descriptions. Insert @ to bring up a list of members or start typing the member's name after the @. The member will be notified by email.

March, 2019

Sections are now Epics. Epics (previously called Sections) can help you organize your work into logical groups, such as customers, deliverables, and of course Epics.

Learn more

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