Gantt Charts

View, add, and manage your Tasks in a Gantt chart.

Gantt charts are available in all Task grids; in All Workspaces, a single Workspace, or a specific Board.

Expand the Gantt chart in the Task grid. Click on the calendar icon or scroll to center the chart by date. 


Click on the timeline to add a Task. The date you pick on the timeline will become the Task's due date. 


Drag a Task left or right to alter start and end dates. You can drag the entire Task in the Gantt while preserving its set duration.

Hover over dates in red to see Milestones due on the selected date.

Hover over sprints to see the sprint name.


Click on a Task to open its details to view or edit.Timeline3.gif

Track Tasks against Milestone dates.


Track Task progress in the sprint.


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