Duplicate Report Tabs

What's New

When creating or editing a report, you can now duplicate a report tab. All report data, filters, charts, highlights, and conditional formatting are copied over to the new tab.


Speed up and simplify the process of creating multi-tab reports.

How it Works

If you're in the first tab of a report, click the new Duplicate tab button.


If you're in any of the other tabs, select Duplicate from the drop-down list.


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  • Avatar
    Emily Spencer

    Thank you!! This will be so convenient to have!

  • Avatar
    Josh Santos

    This was a top customer request, internally we are really happy about this functionality as well =)

  • Avatar
    Matthew Lind

    This is a big win. Proof that sometimes small creature comforts can make using a tool significantly more inviting and efficient.

    Edited by Matthew Lind
  • Avatar
    Richard Reeves

    This is small addition but will be a huge time-saver for us -- very appreciated!

  • Avatar
    Marie Chabot

    Awesome, thanks for doing this. Will save so much time.