API Updates for Developers

Updated: June, 2020

The following changes to the API are taking effect during June, 2020.


  • June 1st - Changes take effect in sandbox/testing environments
  • June 30th - Changes take effect in production environments

Rate Limiting

What is it?

API rate limiting restricts the number of requests to the API per specified period.

Clarizen One is going to apply Rate Limiting to API requests, to ensure and enhance performance, security, and scalability.

What's the rate?

Rate Limiting in Clarizen One will allow up to 25 requests per second. The quota is global for the organization, and not per user.

A bulk request (multiple calls in a single request) will be supported, however depending on its position in the queue, subsequent calls may not go through.

Note: Our internal tools and apps, for example, SCIM-based user provisioning, DataLoader, and Doc Publisher are excluded from the new quota.

For more information, see Mitigating the API Rate-Limit.

API V1 is No Longer Supported

What is it?

Clarizen One introduced the API V2 version over 3 years ago. V2 is fully operational and includes all the functionality of V1. To ensure compatibility and stability going forward, V1 has been retired.

What do I need to do?

  1. Follow the migration instructions to make sure your applications are set up for working with V2. 
  2. If you use Okta as your identity provider, and also rely on Okta for user provisioning, a new Okta application will soon be available by Okta. Okta will provide additional information to their customers.  
  3. Make sure you are using the latest Clarizen One tools, such as ADSync, DataLoader, and Excel Add-in. All our tools already support V2. You can download the latest versions here

For additional help, please contact support@clarizen.com

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