Seamless syncing with Clarizen One makes it easy to:

  • Maintain visibility and report across a portfolio of work no matter if teams are getting work done in Clarizen Go or Clarizen One 
  • Flexible intake - Projects can be initiated directly from Clarizen Go or incorporated into the existing Clarizen One intake processes to unify project evaluation and prioritization
  • Implement company processes and terminology (via configurations in Clarizen One) for projects in Clarizen Go

Some Clarizen One report examples showing how you can analyze synced data from Clarizen Go


Synced Entities

These are the main entities synced between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.

Clarizen One

Clarizen Go











Sync Flows

The sync feature allows you to:

Important - Sync Directions

In the first 2 cases (Push Clarizen One Projects to Clarizen Go and Sync Clarizen Go Workspaces with Clarizen One), updates in the Clarizen Go Workspace are synced to Clarizen One. Existing Milestones, Tasks, and resources should not be updated or deleted in Clarizen One.
In the 3rd case (Push Tasks from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go), you can sync newly added Tasks in Clarizen One to Clarizen Go. Thereafter, all subsequent updates to the Tasks must be made in Clarizen Go.

Pausing and disconnecting the sync

The option to pause / disconnect the sync is possible from Clarizen Go only: if disconnected and reconnected, the sync will take all changes made since the creation of the Workspace or its last sync.

To learn more about the components behind the sync process, see About the Sync Process.

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