Connecting Clarizen One and Clarizen Go

The following procedures are one-time actions that enable syncing between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.

To set up the sync, you must be an:

  • Admin and Superuser in Clarizen One
  • Account Admin in Clarizen Go
    Note: We recommend creating dedicated users for managing the sync in Clarizen One and in Clarizen Go. This will avoid confusion and unnecessary communication for real users working in Clarizen on a daily basis, but are also Admins as a result of setting up the sync. We recommend giving these users names/emails related to the sync, for example,

  1. In Clarizen One, go to Settings > Extensions. For Clarizen Go, click Allow Access.
    Note: If you have already set up logging in with Clarizen One credentials for your users, you can skip this step.
  2. In Clarizen One, install the Clarizen Go Sync app, which:
    • converts Clarizen Go values (dates, effort estimations, etc.) into Clarizen One values.
    • provides the option to push newly created Tasks in Clarizen One to Clarizen Go after Clarizen One Projects and Clarizen Go Workspaces have already been synced.
      Install the app and enable it. 
  3. In Clarizen Go, as an admin in Clarizen Go, go to Account Settings > Sync with Clarizen Go.

  4. Click Connect Clarizen One.


    After you make the connection, you can view a sync status and errors
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