Pushing Clarizen One Projects to Clarizen Go

When to push Projects

This option provides a flexible intake process, whereby you can initiate Projects in Clarizen One manually or via automated business rules set up in Clarizen One, and then have your teams work in Clarizen Go per their custom workflows. 

You can track progress in Clarizen One, and build reports to see up-to-date statuses and dive into deeper analysis around task progress, resource utilization, milestones, the roadmap and sprints. Report templates are also available in Clarizen One to help you get started with synced projects.

How it Works

When you push a Project, a new Workspace is created in Clarizen Go. This is a one-time action, after which updates in Clarizen Go are continuously synced to the Project in Clarizen One.

The following fields are pushed to Clarizen Go:

  • Project Fields
    • Name
    • Milestone Date
    • Start and Due Dates
    • Description
    • Estimation
    • Priority
    • Stage ID (based on the Project status)
  • Tasks Fields
    • Name
    • Start and Due Dates
    • Description
    • Estimation
    • Priority

An optional app lets you push individual newly created Tasks in Clarizen One to Clarizen Go. The app works for Projects and Workspaces that are already synced. As described above, once synced, all updates to the Tasks should only be done in Clarizen Go. See Syncing New Clarizen One Tasks to Clarizen Go.


  • Updates to the Project in Clarizen One are not synced back to Clarizen Go.
  • Workspace Admins of the pushed Project will include:
    • The Account Admin that enabled Sync in Clarizen Go's account settings (other Account Admins will not be Workspace Admins)
    • The user that pushed the Project to Clarizen Go will be invited as a Workspace Admin
    • The Project Owner in Clarizen One will be invited as a Workspace Admin

To push a Project to Clarizen Go:

  1. Verify Clarizen One and Clarizen Go are connected. See Connecting Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.
  2. In Clarizen One, create the Project.
    • Supported Projects, which can be pushed from Clarizen One: Leaf Projects only (sub-Projects and sub-Tasks are currently not supported)
    • Objects and fields that are not pushed from Clarizen One to Clarizen Go:
      • Attachments
      • Discussions
      • Project-level fields (Project type, Project customer, Project dates, etc.)
      • Any objects related to the Project (customers, cases, to-dos, etc.)
  3. Open the Project you want to push. In the Work Plan, open the Utilities tab. Click Manage in Clarizen Go.
    The Project Owner and the user that initiated the sync (clicked Manage in Clarizen Go) will be invited as Admins to the Workspace in Clarizen Go. 

    A confirmation appearsManage_in_go_confirm.png
  4. A Workspace mirroring the Clarizen One Project is created by Clarizen Go.
    Note: It can take up to a minute to create the Workspace.
    The Workspace:
    • contains the Project’s Milestones and associated Tasks
    • Includes one Board with 6 Stages that represent the status of the Tasks in the Project in Clarizen Oneint6.png
    • The creator of the Workspace is the Admin
    • The Clarizen One Project owner is invited as an Admin to the Workspace
    • Sync Workspace with Clarizen One in the Workspace settings is enabled by default. You can always disable and enable the sync as needed. When resyncing, all changes since the Workspace's creation and/or last sync are updated. 
  5. As a Workspace Admin, you can now invite your team to the Workspace.

Troubleshooting errors

Errors and failures in the push/sync process can be viewed in Clarizen Go’s account settings. Also, the account admin will be notified about all errors in a daily email digest.

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