Syncing Your Calendar

See your Workspace's Milestones, Sprints, and Tasks in your personal or work calendars, by syncing your Workspace to your Google or Outlook calendar. 

The sync adds new events, updates events that move, and supports reminders, so you never miss a deadline.  

Note: This is a one-way sync. New and updated events in the Workspace are synced with your calendar. If you update events in the calendar, they will not be synced back to the Workspace.

To connect your Workspace to a calendar, you must connect the Workspace to your Google or Outlook account. Once connected, you can enable the sync process.  You can then stop and start the sync as needed. If you re-enable sync, a new calendar will replace the previous calendar in your Outlook/Google account.

To connect and enable sync:

  1. Open the Workspace menu and select Sync to My Calendar
  2. Click Connect for Outlook or Google Calendar.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions from Outlook/Google to connect your account. You may need to provide your Outlook/Google credentials and agree to connect with Clarizen Go.
  4. Once connected, select the following options:
    • Select whether to show your Tasks on the calendar. Select working days and hours. The Task will appear on the calendar every day for the duration of the Task, at the time you set in Work hours.
      Note: Only Tasks that are assigned to you and have a due date will appear on your calendar.
    • Select whether to show Milestones and Sprints on the calendar.
    • Select when to receive reminders.
  5. Click Sync Workspace to Calendar.
  6. You can now select the Workspace calendar in Outlook or Google.


Stop Syncing and Disconnecting a Calendar

To stop syncing, or to disconnect a calendar, open the menu in the Sync the Workspace to your calendar dialog.

Note: Every time you resync the Workspace, a new calendar is created in Outlook/Google.




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