Syncing Clarizen Go Workspaces to Clarizen One

When to sync a Workspace

When teams work in Clarizen Go, it’s easy for them to continuously sync their projects with Clarizen One. This makes it easy for project managers and executives to seamlessly view and report on consolidated data across all projects. 

Note: A synced Workspace in Clarizen Go can contain:

  • Up to 500 tasks that are not assigned to a Milestone
  • Up to 500 tasks assigned to each of the Milestones

How it Works

When you sync a Workspace in Clarizen Go, all updates from Clarizen Go are continuously updated in the synced Clarizen One Project. These include:

  • Creation of new Tasks
  • Updates to Tasks
  • New assignees on the Task are added to the Task in Clarizen One
  • Archived Tasks are deleted in Clarizen One. Unarchived Tasks are recreated in Clarizen One.

Sync updates can take up to 5 minutes.

Important - Update only in Clarizen Go

The Project in Clarizen One must not be updated (do not update Milestones or Task dates, change resources, delete Tasks, etc.). All changes should be made in Clarizen Go, and  the Project in Clarizen One should be considered read only.


Syncing the Workspace

To sync a Workspace:

  1. Verify Clarizen One and Clarizen Go are connected. See Connecting Clarizen One and Clarizen Go.
  2. As the Workspace Admin, open the Workspace Settings, and enable Sync Workspace with Clarizen.
  3. As the Account Admin who connected Clarizen Go with Clarizen One in the account settings, log into Clarizen One and verify that the Project appears in Clarizen One.

Clarizen Go Task Effort Sync Example App

An optional app exists to convert Clarizen Go's Estimated Effort, Clarizen Go Actual Effort, and Clarizen Go Remaining Effort fields to Clarizen One's Work, Remaining Effort and Actual Effort fields. 

The app includes a sample Clarizen One Workflow Rule that should be reviewed and updated to suit your specific environment.

Download the app (US)

Download the app (EU)



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