About the Sync Process, and Synced Fields

The sync process is a result of the following components:

  • Background sync - this is the ongoing sync that syncs updates to Milestones and Tasks in the Clarizen Go Workspace to Milestones and Tasks in the Clarizen One Project
    • Updates are synced with a maximum delay of 5 minutes
    • The Milestone and Task work items in Clarizen One include Clarizen Go dedicated fields. These fields have the prefix Clarizen Go. Updates in Clarizen Go are synced to these fields.
  • A Clarizen Go Sync app in Clarizen One that:
  • (Optional) Clarizen Go Task Effort Sync Example App - An optional app to convert Clarizen Go's Estimated Effort, Clarizen Go Actual Effort, and Clarizen Go Remaining Effort fields to Clarizen One's Work, Remaining Effort and Actual Effort fields. 
  • Members/Resources - After connecting Clarizen Go to Clarizen One, all members in the Clarizen Go account are added as resources in Clarizen One. Members are matched to Clarizen One users based on their email addresses. If an email is not found in Clarizen One, a new resource is created with a None license type.

The following table shows correlating fields in Clarizen One and Clarizen Go. We recommend that the Clarizen One Admin create Project and Work Plan Views for synced Projects, using the fields described below. See Clarizen Views.


Clarizen Go Fields

Clarizen One Fields

(background sync)

Clarizen One Fields

(updated by Sync app)



Workspace Name

Project Name 



Link to Clarizen Go Workspace


Clarizen Go Project (Yes/No)

  Last sync time and date  
Workspace Description Description  

Workspace Creator

Clarizen Go Workspace Creator  







Clarizen Go Due Date

Due Date

Note: When a due date is updated for a Milestone that has Tasks in Clarzien Go, the due date in Clarizen One will be updated based on the associated Task with the latest due date.










Link to Clarizen Go Task





Start date

Clarizen Go Start Date

Start Date

Due date

Clarizen Go Due Date

Due Date

Actual Effort

Clarizen Go Actual Effort


Estimated Effort

Clarizen Go Estimated Effort


Remaining  Effort

Clarizen Go Remaining Effort



Clarizen Go Assignee Email (concatenated|)


Epic Name

Clarizen Go Epic


Board Name

Clarizen Go Board 


Board Type 

Clarizen Go Board Type (Scrum/Kanban)


Sprint Start Date 

Clarizen Go Board Start Date


Sprint End date 

Clarizen Go Board End Date


Board Stage Name

Clarizen Go Stage


Board Stage Status

Clarizen Go Status

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