Notes on Compatibility

  • Clarizen One validation rules apply to updates from Clarizen Go: if an update from Clarizen Go doesn’t comply with a rule set in Clarizen One, the update will fail.
  • Multiple assignees on Clarizen Go tasks  - a maximum of 10 assignees are added as resources in Clarizen One. 
  • Members set as assignees in Clarizen Go must be defined as resources in Clarizen One. If not, the Task in Clarizen One is created on behalf of the user who initiated the sync, who becomes the recourse when there is no assignee.
  • Completed and On Hold Tasks in Clarizen One cannot be updated
  • Dates cannot be set to weekends/holidays (as set up in the Clarizen One organization calendar). In such cases, the dates move to the previous or following day
  • If a parent object in Clarizen One has manually set dates, dates of sub-objects in Clarizen Go cannot be outside the parents' date periods. In such cases, actual dates from Clarizen Go will not update in Clarizen One. 
  • Tasks in Clarizen One get the Fixed Duration Work Policy, so Work will be recalculated based on the Start and Due Dates, regardless of what you set in Work.
  • Deleting and archiving
      • Clarizen One - When you delete Projects, Milestones, or Tasks, the corresponding items will not be deleted in Clarizen Go. If the Workspace is synced, the following error appears in the error log: Project not found
      • Clarizen Go
        • When you archive Projects, Milestones, or Tasks, there will be no impact on corresponding items in Clarizen One. The items can still be seen.
        • When you delete Milestones and Tasks, they will be deleted in Clarizen One.
        • When you delete a Workspace, the Project in Clarizen One will not be deleted. 
        • Removing an assignee from a Task will not remove the assignee from the Clarizen One Task resources.

Troubleshooting in Clarizen Go

View and troubleshoot sync errors that occurred in the sync process between Clarizen One and Clarizen Go. In Account Settings, open the Sync with Clarizen One tab to view the errors and their descriptions.


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