What's New

A new, flexible Portfolio module contains allows you to group and manage Projects and Programs into a holistic view. New Portfolios allow you to view the big picture with simple KPIs and rollups, and drill down into individual Projects and Programs.

Visualize Portfolio Financial Plans and more with Reports and Dashboards.

Slide Publisher is updated to support Portfolios with Projects as repeating slides.

Fully configurable, set custom fields, views and workflow that work independently of Projects and Programs.

The Portfolio module



  • Simplify navigation and reporting with a standard Portfolio object, separated from Projects. 
  • Easily link Projects to multiple Portfolios
  • Standard Portfolio metrics with the option to add custom fields and configurations independently of the contained Projects and Programs 
  • An aggregated Programs and Projects panel lets you view all Portfolio content in one place, or separately
  • Leverage standard capabilities Roadmap, Gantt, Resource Planning on all or selected Portfolio projects

How it Works

Portfolio Module

Access the Portfolio module from the main menu.

As part of your initial setup, you'll first need to add Portfolios to the Profiles who should have access.


Tailor the views and related items as you would for other modules:

  1. For the module grid view, select which columns to show. Portfolio includes simple counter KPIs of: On Track & Off Track Projects, Requested, Completed & Cancelled projects.


  2. Choose which Related Items panels you want displayed for Portfolios:
    You can can choose to display Projects, Program, both together or in separate panels.
    Add Discussions, Files, and other related items that are relevant for your Portfolio Managers. 

    Note: Risks and SubPortfolios below are examples of custom relations that can be configured. 




You should now be ready to create a new Portfolio from the ribbon.




Adding Projects and Programs

Once you have chosen whether Projects and/or Programs should display on the Portfolio detail page, you can start adding in Projects and Programs from "Add Related". 




Alternatively, add the Portfolios field to a Project grid and add Projects (or Programs) 





A flexible and configurable standard Clarizen.One item, Portfolio is fully supported by Clarizen.One's powerful configuration capabilities to add fields and KPIs and automations to suit your business scenarios. 


Slide Publisher 

Create branded Portfolio Presentations using Slide Publisher with your company templates where Portfolio Projects are repeating detail slides.  

Slide Publisher has been updated with Portfolio support. If your organization is already using Slide Publisher, you can install the small incremental upgrade App and get started with the sample Portfolio Projects template

More details: https://www.clarizen.com/apps/slide-publisher/




Slide Publisher for Portfolio supports 3 options for publishing repeating detail slides: 

  • Projects
  • Programs
  • Programs and Projects - a special hierarchy that groups by Programs and Projects
    (e.g. Program 1, Project 1.1, Project 1.2, Project 1.3, Program 2, Project 2.1, Project 2.2, etc.).

To generate a presentation with repeating Programs and their Projects, use the 2 options (2 & 3 in the image below).

Repeating Slide - Programs with Projects type (3) slides should always follow Repeating Slide - Programs type (2) slides. A header notification on the Template Wizard screen will identify which type you have selected.



As a Powerpoint Presentation is a flat set of slides the hierarchy structure is flattened when published as:

Portfolio 1, Project 1, Project 2, Project 3, Program 1, Project 4, Project 5 ,Program 2, Project 6, Project 7

Click here to download Slide Publisher and sample templates. 


Report on Portfolio Projects

Leverage Clarizen's rich reporting capabilities to tailor reports and dashboards to get the business insights you need.  










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    Nancy Wright

    I see reference to SubPortfolio here but also in the new Portfolio object that was rolled out recently. Where is the information on creating the custom relation called SubPortfolio? We need this in our environment but not clear on how to accomplish this action with the new object and cannot find anything related to subportfolio in the user documentation except this article and the release info.