With Clarizen Go for Zoom, you will never miss an important project update, even when you’re on Zoom! Select your Active Workspace, and Clarizen Go will send you important notifications and help you to always stay on top of things.

The app also makes it easy to initiate a Zoom meeting for those in the Workspace, save meeting recordings and transcripts to a Task, create and update Tasks, and more.

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  • A free or subscribed Zoom account
  • A free trial version or subscribed Clarizen Go account

Installing and Connecting Clarizen Go

  1. In the Zoom App Marketplace, search for, and install the Clarizen Go app.
  2. After installing the app, you will see Clarizen Go in the Chat section on your Zoom app.
  3. Now click Connect to Clarizen Go.
    If you do not have an account, you can click on the link to sign up.
  4. Enter your Clarizen Go credentials and click Sign in.
  5. You are now signed in and can begin working.

Using the Clarizen Go App

Selecting the Active Workspace

  1. Click My Workspaces to choose the active Workspace.
  2. Select your Workspace.

    You will now receive notifications from the selected Workspace when there are updates to Tasks, such as dates, priority, etc.
    You can click on the Task name to open it in Clarizen Go.

Creating a New Task

  1. Click New Task.
  2. Enter a Task name and click Save.
  3. Enter the description in the same way (optional).
  4. Assign the Task to a Board.

    The new Task is created and a notification is sent in Zoom.

Initiating a Meeting

  1. Click Meet in the main menu.
  2. Select the related Task.
  3. Click Start The meeting to start the meeting.
  4. Once the meeting has ended, a link to the recording and the transcript will be available in the Task description in Clarizen Go.

Saving Meeting Recordings and Transcripts to a Task

Note: This feature only supports recording to the cloud, and not local recordings on your computer.

Once a meeting is over and the recording is ready, you will receive a notification in Zoom. You can then select the Workspace and Task to which you want to save the recording. You can also create a new Task.

The recording details and transcription can be found in the Task's Description. From there you can view the recording, download it, or share it.


App Functionality and Commands 

At any time while connected, type in Help to get a list of available commands.


List of Commands

  • Connect - Connect to Clarizen Go account
  • Disconnect - Disconnect from Clarizen Go account and stop all notifications
  • My Workspaces - Show your Workspaces and select the active Workspace for notifications
  • Meet - Start a Zoom meeting. Meetings are associated with Tasks and when the meeting ends, Clarizen Go for Zoom will automatically update the task description with the Zoom meeting recording and transcript
  • New Task - Create a new task in the Active Workspace

Disconnecting and Uninstalling

To disconnect your Clarizen Go account from Zoom:

  • Type in Disconnect or select Disconnect from the available commands. You will be disconnected from all Workspaces.

To uninstall the app:

  1. Go to the Zoom Marketplace.
  2. Search for Clarizen Go and select the app, or go to your installed apps (Manage > Installed Apps).
  3. Click Uninstall.


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