Improved Performance for Time-Phased Resource Reports

We have improved the performance and reduced calculation times for time-phased resource reports.

Calculations are now performed for a 3-year period, from the beginning of the previous year until the end of next year. Results outside the calculation timeframe will not be recalculated or updated.

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    James Bridgewater

    Hi Larry,

    Great to hear that Clarizen has been focusing on improving the performance of time phase reports. Our team has experienced very slow loading issues when we run reports for ~30-40 users over week-month-qrt time periods for utilization reporting.

    Can you provide additional insight for how general performance has been improved? If I have a dashboard displaying charts from 8 different time phased data reports, are load times expected to be faster for the reports on this dashboard now? Do you have a load rate % improvement value?

    I'm eager to share with our regional management leadership teams that their dashboards should load faster. But, I'd like to get a bit more insight on what to expect.


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    Josh Santos

    Hi James, the % improvement would depend on how much data was being processed before. If there were years of legacy data, the improvement will be more significant. On a separate note, there is also a performance improvement coming specifically to dashboards that could see as much as a 2-3x improvement in loading speeds. To benchmark the difference you can time some of your largest reports and dashboards now and then again on Sunday (I'd be curious as well to see your results).

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    Els Eeckhout

    For us this is a blocking issue as we use this time-phased reporting as input for our mid term project portfolio (currently managed outside Clarizen). Therefore we run the report and download the planning info for the current and next 2 fiscal years (not calendar years). Is there a workaround?

    Best regards,