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Connect Microsoft Teams to Clarizen Go, so that you and your teams can get up-to-date statuses, take actions, and get notifications all in your Microsoft Teams app.

Collaborate with colleagues while you interact with Workspaces directly in the Teams app. Check the work in progress, and take actions, like setting priorities or assigning Tasks.

You can also chat with the bot directly if you need to view details or take action in your Workspaces, such as log time.

Installing the Clarizen Go Bot

Open Apps in Microsoft Teams. Search for Clarizen Go and install the app.



Now, all your team members can interact with Clarizen Go.

You can also install Clarizen Go for your personal use in Chat.


Linking Your Clarizen Go Account

To link your Teams account with your Clarizen Go account:

  1. Click Link Account.
  2. Log in with your Clarizen Go or Office 365 credentials.
  3. Select the active Workspace. Click Show Workspaces if you want to see a list.
    If you have multiple accounts, you may need to click Change Account.

You can now begin working with your Tasks.

Signing Up or Signing In

After installing the bot, you will see the following instructions:


  1. Click Sign Up to connect your account.
  2. Enter your API key. Click here to learn how.
    Note: You must be an admin to access API keys.
    Click Setup Account.

  3. Select the active Workspace.

  4. You can now begin working in the Workspace by searching for an entity or clicking one of the options (buttons).

Working with Tasks

Once your account is connected and you’re signed in, you can start working with Tasks, and you will start getting notifications.

  1. Begin by typing in keywords to search for your Task. You can use keywords from the Task’s title or description.
    You can search for all Tasks or only from your Tasks.
  2. Click Search to see a list of results in a carousel that you can scroll through to find your Task.

  3. From the search results, you can see each Task’s description or assignees.
  4. Perform tasks directly in Teams, such as start a Task, set its due date, and log time. Depending on the action, Teams will present convenient shortcuts.
    In this example, setting a due date includes shortcuts such as Tomorrow, Friday, etc.

    Logging time

  5. Notifications - when Task attributes such as priority, assignee or due date are updated in Clarizen Go, you will get a notification in a one-to-one chat message from Teams.
    You can also click Show Task to see more details, and then on the Task name to go to the Task in Clarizen Go.

Using the Commands to Get Work Done

From the Commands window, you can see and select the types of commands supported by Clarizen Go.


Or type in Help to get an overview of the commands and functionality.



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