Enhanced Security Options and Visibility for Shared Widgets

What's New

To enhance security around sharing widgets, we have made the following changes:

We have relocated the password setting above the Options. The Require password checkbox will always initially be set by default.


A new system setting makes the entry of passwords mandatory when sharing widgets. The new Enforce widget password entry system setting can be found in System Settings > Permissions


When this setting is enabled, the entry of passwords is mandatory. Users are prevented from opting out of password entry.


When disabled, users can opt out of password entry.

The default setting is on, but for existing customers it will initially be set to off.


Administrators can bypass the system setting

Even if the system setting is on, administrators can still bypass this using the “revoke password” capability in the Widgets administration screen, accessible under Settings > Extensions. To aid visibility, we have added a new Has Password column to the Widgets administration screen.




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