Zapier Support


  • This feature requires Admin support.
  • The use of Zapier entails additional fees. Go to for more details. 
  • The Zapier connector and its use with any 3rd-party software is the customer's responsibility.
  • The setup and implementation of zaps are the responsibility of the customer. Expert services for setting up zaps are available from Zapier.
  • Zaps utilize Business Rule quotas. Each Zap counts towards one Workflow rule.
  • Clarizen is not responsible for the Zapier service, and does not monitor the status. Go to for more details.
  • Issues arising from the use of Zapier are not managed or addressed by the Clarizen support channel or Clarizen Professional Services.

What's New

Use Zapier to integrate your other systems with Clarizen One, including any team-adopted task management solutions in your organization.

You can use the integration, for example, to:

  • When a ticket is opened in Zendesk, create and assign a task in Clarizen
  • When a change request is created in Clarizen, push a notification to Slack with a link to the CR
  • When an opportunity is created in a CRM, create a project in Clarizen

To use Zapier, search for the Clarizen service in Zapier. Once selected, you will be required to log into Clarizen, and then you will be able to connect to another Zapier-supported service.
There's no need to do anything in Clarizen.

The Zapier wizard will take you through the steps of selecting the triggers and actions for your integration. 


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